Blockchain Could Be Used By Traditional Banks

Nine major banks are working together to experiment with using the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The idea is more about making financial transaction records more efficient and reliable than creating or using a new currency. The project, which follows consultations of more than a year, is exploring the blockchain technology which underpins cryptocurrencies. […]

Apple e-Book Collusion Saga May Not Be Over

Apple says it wants to take its e-book pricing collusion case to the Supreme Court. A ruling there could fundamentally affect the way courts oversee alleged cartels in tech and beyond. With us having covered the case on several occasions, I’ll give just a short summary for anyone who missed it: Printed books are sold […]

‘Netflix Tax’ Challenged In Court

Chicago’s attempts to put a nine percent tax on streaming services such as Netflix are to be challenged in court. The suit claims both the tax and the process by which it was introduced are unlawful. The tax, which applies to streaming service subscribers with a Chicago address, was not a new measure in itself. […]

Human Ancestry Gap Filled By Skeleton Discovery

A new species discovered through skeletons found in a mass grave in Africa may fill the gap between the first truly human-like species and older more primitive primates. The scientists who’ve been studying the finds have avoided the term “missing link”, but it certainly appears to be a previously unseen blend of human and ape-like […]

6GB RAM Smartphones On The Way

Samsung has launched a new form of mobile memory which means we could soon see smartphones boasting 6GB of RAM. It appears to be a side bonus of the company working with other devices in mind. Specifically Samsung is mass-producing a 12-gigabit low power, double data rate 4 DRAM in a 20-nanometer format. That’s a […]

Amazon Plans $50 Tablet

Amazon is said to be set to release a $50 tablet computer. The claim appears in the Wall Street Journal and is sourced to “people familiar with the matter” which most likely means either Amazon staff or one of its suppliers. The only firm details are that Amazon plans to offer a $50 tablet with […]

The Amazing New LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor (Sponsored)

When it comes to PC’s, you are either part of the master race or are being left behind in a cloud of dust. While some gamers and web users plop down in front of a 14 inch laptop screen or some archaic, bulky monitor, the realest fans are getting rigs and set ups that make […]

Move Over Netflix; Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Allows Offline Viewing!

Amazon Prime members will now be able to download movies to watch offline through iOS and Android apps as part of their subscription. Previously the feature was only available on Amazon’s own Fire devices. It’s an attractive weapon in the battles with other streaming video services, though does come with several strings. The feature appears […]