Google To Warn Of Bogus Download Buttons

Google is to start warning users when a “download” button on a website might be a malware trick. Let’s hope it means less work for those of us who act as IT support, for work, friends or family. Bogus download buttons will be particularly familiar to anyone who has searched for software download sites, often […]

USB Cable Devotee Finds Worst. Cable. Ever.

A Google engineer with something of an obsession with USB Type-C cables has finally paid the price. Benson Leung seriously damaged his laptop during his latest review. Leung had become something of a cult hero for his online reviews of the cables. While most consumer reviews of a USB cable or adaptor are inherently limited […]

Windows 10 Creeps In Through Automatic Update

Windows 10 will soon be downloading to potentially millions of PCs whether the users want it or not. It’s now classed as a recommended update, meaning an automatic download for many users. The download will happen for anyone who has an earlier version of Windows set to download updates automatically and has the “Give me […]

Microsoft To Servers: Get In The Sea

Microsoft is to build data centers at the bottom of the ocean. Among other benefits, it should greatly reducing power use. One of the biggest problems with any large collection of servers is the sheer amount of heat generated and in turn the power needed to cool the equipment and stop it overheating and failing. […]

Tinder Adds Link To STD Clinics

Tinder has added an app link that lets users locate the nearest STD clinic. It follows criticism from an HIV testing and prevention agency. The app won’t carry out the search itself, even though by definition it know the user’s location. Instead Tinder is simply adding a link in the FAQ section of the app. […]

Google Computer Masters Board Game Go

A Google computer has handily beaten a leading champion at the board game Go. It’s arguably a far more impressive AI achievement than computers prevailing at chess. The game of Go appears on the surface to be simple, involving placing black or white pieces on a grid in an attempt to capture opposing pieces by […]

Uber Tells Drunk Passengers To Bop It… Twist It… Pass It

Uber is hoping kids’ toy Bop It can help pacify intoxicated passengers. Its one of several tech solutions the company is trying out. The Bop It toy is being trialled in some Uber driver cars in Charlotte, North Carolina. For those who’ve not had the pleasure, it’s a stick-like device that has a variety of […]

Image Feed Highlights Unsecured Webcams

A website that searches the “Internet of Things” has added a search facility for unsecured webcams. The operators say its designed to highlight security risks rather than enable voyeurs or would-be criminals. Shodan is designed for searching for details of devices, both computers and other devices from smart TVs to power plants, that are connected […]