Google Hires 4chan Creator Moot

In one of the more headscratching hires of recent times, Google has hired 4chan’s founder Chris Poole. The man known online as “moot” will work on Google’s social media offerings, notably Google +. At its most basic, 4chan is simply an image posting board with particularly relaxed rules on content and user identity, but it’s […]

DoD Invites You To Hack The Pentagon

The Department of Defense has challenged computer experts to hack the Pentagon. However, you’ll have to register first or face serious consequences. The idea is to run a more crowdsourced versions of programs where businesses and government agencies ask “white hat” hackers to test their cyberdefenses. Whereas those often involve a flat fee, the DoD […]

Wikipedia Search Engine Costs Wikimedia Chief’s Job

The head of Wikimedia’s parent organization has resigned over plans to create a search engine. Contributors were upset about both the move itself and a lack of transparancy over the plans. Lila Tretikov announced her departure as executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that oversees a range of websites, most notably Wikipedia. […]