Wii U’s Days May Be Numbered

A Japanese newspaper claims Nintendo will drop production of the Wii U this year. Nintendo has responded with what may be a denial. The report in Nikkei appears to be based on getting word from component manufacturers that they’ve stopped producing some of the parts used in the console. The plan seems to be to […]

PS4 May Get 4K Upgrade

Sony is said to be working on an upgrade to the PS4 to support 4K resolution. It may work without the need to buy a whole new console. The report from Kotaku is based on conversations with unnamed developers who’ve received word from Sony. The main change would be an upgraded GPU that would be […]

PlayStation VR: $399 In October

Sony has confirmed the PlayStation VR will cost $399, considerably cheaper than high-profile rivals. However, the release date has slipped back to October, later than planned. The $399 price compares with $599 for the Oculus Rift and $799 for the HTC Vive. It will need a PS4 console whereas the other two will need a […]

Government Cracks Down On ISP Data Sharing

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing much tighter rules on what broadband providers can do with customer data without consent. Thanks partly to regulatory quirks, the rules would mean the likes of Verizon and Comcast are much more restricted than sites such as Google and Facebook. The planned rules are an attempt to apply the […]