E-Gamers Charged With Match-Fixing

Two professional video gamers have been charged with matchfixing. The pair reportedly received a total of $87,000 to deliberately lose contests. Video gaming, or e-sports, have been getting more and more like more traditional sports in recent years. TBS announced a deal to start its own league for live broadcasts of Counter-Strike Global Offensive games […]

Bank’s $10 Switches Allow $80m Heist

Bangladesh’s central bank saved several hundred dollars by using cheap second-hand network switches. Unfortunately that move has now cost it $80 million. The bank was hit in February by hackers who actually tried to instigate just under a billion dollars worth of bogus payments. The sheer number of payments, along with a spelling error in […]

Billboard Demands More Star Wars Expanded Universe

Star Wars fans have paid for a billboard ad pleading for a continuation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Summarizing such a situation is likely tempting fate, but the quick and dirty version is that the Expanded Universe refers to most of the licensed content created before 2014 other than the first six movies and […]

Google.com Dangerous Says Google (But Not Anymore!)

Google briefly labelled Google.com as “partly dangerous.” The automated warning appears to be a quirk caused by hosted content. The warning cameĀ on Google’s own Transparency Report page, which includes details of its Safe Browsing technology. That’s the database that gives warnings in Google’s search tools and the Chrome browser when pointing to a potentially risky […]

Cheat Detecting Mattress Must Surely Be Spoof

It seems you can stick “smart” in front of any household object these days and that’s what’s supposedly happened with a $1,750 mattress that catches out cheating partners. For the sake of humanity, one hopes it’s a prank, but if so it’s an elaborate one, to the point of filming what’s purported to be a […]

Amazon Video To Offer Month-By-Month Subscription

Amazon is to offer a month-by-month subscription to its Instant Video package in the US. It’ll be poor value for permanent subscribers, but may win over those who like to pick and choose. The company already offered standalone video subscriptions in some markets, including the United Kingdom, but until now American customers could only get […]

Microsoft Challenges Data Warrant Gagging Order

Microsoft is suing the Department of Justice to demand the right to tell users when it gives officials access to personal data. The company says forcing it to keep such searches a secret is a double constitutional violation. The case centers on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which dates back to 1986 and extends the […]

AMC Could Allow Texting In Movie Theaters

The new head of AMC Entertainment says the movie theater chain may welcome and even encourage customers using cellphones during some screenings. Speaking to Variety, Adam Aron said the company needed to “reshape” the movie theater product to attract millennials who don’t have the habit of attending movies in the same way as their predecessors. […]

USB-C Could Get Safer

A new authentication program could warn you if a USB-C cable risks frying your laptop. It could also develop into a security measure. The performance of USB-C cables appears to be somewhat mixed, largely because many sold under that name fall short of the actual specification. That inspired dozens of harsh but detailed reviews from […]

RUST: Online Players Lose Control Of Genitals

The makers of online game Rust have gone a step beyond adding female characters to the game. Fifty percent of players will now be playing as a woman (or man!) whether they like it or not. Until last week, all the character models were male. Now the game is randomly assigning a male or female […]

Easter Egg Spells Doom For Punch-Out’s Piston Honda

It took only three decades but the secret to beating Piston Honda in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out has been discovered. Beating the gargantuan fighters has of course always been possible, particularly if you can land a punch at a precise moment when they leave themselves vulnerable. The problem is that the window of opportunity is so […]

Hackers Hijack Radio With Furries Podcast

An explicit podcast about furries went out on several US radio stations after a somewhat bizarre hacking incident. Listeners to at least three stations were unexpectedly treated to most or all of an episode of FurCast, a podcast for people with a very particular interest in anthropomorphised animals, often in the form of adults wearing […]