KFC Saves Touchscreens From Greasy Paws

KFC in Germany has run a one-week promotion making it easier for customers to keep using their gadgets while enjoying finger licking goodness. They did so by creating special tray mats with a built-in keyboard that can connect to your smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth, meaning you can type without touching your screen — something […]

Lead Balloon Follows Chocolate Teapot Into Reality

Engineering design students have struck another blow against idiom by successfully flying a lead balloon. They responded to a challenge by British TV’s The One Show, which last year asked chocolate producers Nestle to make a chocolate teapot, based around the idiom that such a receptacle is the epitome of uselessness. In fact it proved […]

L’Oreal Wants To 3D-Print Human Skin

L’Oreal is to 3D-print human skin for use in cosmetics testing. It’s a development of an existing program of producing the skin in a lab. According to the BBC, L’Oreal already uses donated tissue to grow more than 100,000 skin samples a year for testing purposes, avoiding the need for testing on animals or live […]

Feast Your Eyes on This Old-School Weather Model

Modern meteorology is nothing short of amazing. The way they can use doppler radar to track a storm front, where it is going, and how long it will be there is a marvel of modern science (even if the weatherman are off here and there), But you take a look at this old school weather […]

Reddit Outlaws Harassment

Reddit has announced new policies to crack down on harassment. It’s not given specific details of the consequences, but it has prompted heated debate among users who believe unrestricted speech should be paramount. The site says it has based its decision on a survey of 15,000 users, as well as changes in the nature of […]

Ultimate Star Trek Apartment For Sale

A studio apartment built to look just like Star Trek’s Voyager is up for sale in the United Kingdom. The apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire, is the work of Tony Alleyne. He made the conversion after his wife left him and he no longer had to compromise on interior design tastes. Originally he built it around […]

Flying Drone Cam Follows and Film You Wherever You Go!

A GPS-controlled drone video camera to be released next year can film you wherever you go without interfering with your activities. The problem is that it’s very expensive and has a severely limited battery life. The Lily camera connects wirelessly with a small receiver that fits into your pocket or on your wrist. Once you throw […]

Urinating Robot Freezes Google Maps Edits

Google has suspended a tool that let users edit a version of Google Maps, following a series of high-profile prank edits. The company says it can’t keep up with the number of manual reviews needed. Map Maker has been running since 2008 and is effectively a separate, wiki-like version of the main map service. The […]

‘Adventure Time’, Explained (Sort Of)

Adventure Time might just be the greatest cartoon to ever exist. From the way it pleases all members of its audience from young to old, to its downright surreal and trippy moments, it’s not a show you see once and forget. But what about people who have never seen the show or feel they need […]

Bare-Bones PC Market Drops To $9

A $9 computer project has been fully funded on Kickstarter. As you’d expect, CHIP is pretty bare-boned, with extra costs for some connections, though a $49 touchscreen version is the most interesting configuration. The basic edition of CHIP is effectively the circuit board ripped out of a bargain-basement Linux mini-PC. Most of the connections are […]

Nintendo World May Become A Reality

Nintendo has agreed a deal with Universal Parks and Resorts to bring game-themed attractions to its theme parks. The two companies have offered virtually no details on exactly what it will entail and it appears their creative departments have yet to work out the specifics. However, they have said that “Nintendo’s most famous characters and […]

Snake Gets Relaunch For Smartphone Era

The original cellphone casual game is back: Snake is being relaunched as Snake Rewind for Android, iOS and Windows. While the game dates back in various forms to the 1970s, its most famous version came preloaded on Nokia phones in the late 1990s, right at the time that owning a cellphone became genuinely mainstream. That […]