Facebook Turns Entire Archive Into Search Tool

Facebook is to let users search all two trillion posts ever made on the site, subject to privacy settings. It hope to use the search as a way to gather real-time eyewitness accounts of news events. Previously Facebook search would only let you search content from your Facebook friends and any pages which you had […]

Nearly A Million Facebook Users ‘Come Out’ In A Year

Facebook reports 800,000 Americans “came out” on the site in the past year. The actual numbers may be affected by Facebook’s chosen definition, but there’s clearly a social trend this year. The number covers both sexuality and gender. The Facebook research team put together the figures by compiling the number of people each day who […]

Siri/Google Now Headphone Hack No Biggie

If you’ve heard that French researchers have successfully hacked Siri and Google now, don’t worry too much. “Success” is most certainly a relative term. While the researchers at government IT security agency ANSSI have demonstrated their ‘hack’ it’s barely more than a proof of concept. In this case the concept is that electromagnetic waves and […]

Ubisoft Apologizes For Might and Magic ‘Confusion’

Ubisoft has apologized and offered a refund after a boxed collector’s edition of a game turned out not to include a game disc. Customers say promotional material for Might and Magic Heroes VII clearly showed they should get a physical copy┬árather than just a download code. It seems Ubisoft’s marketing for the game changed sometime […]

Google.com ‘Sold For $12’

An Indian man says he briefly owned the Google.com domain name after buying it for $12. He chose not to pursue the apparent bug and the incident wound up with Google making a donation to charity. Sanmay Ved, who happens to be a former Google employee, posted on LinkedIn to explain that he was trying […]

Amazon Launches Etsy-Like Handmade Store

Amazon has launched a specialist artisan goods marketplace titled Handmade. It’s already been seen as a challenge to Etsy in that sector. Rather than launch the site and hope to pick up some sellers, it seems Amazon launched a recruitment drive beforehand, directly approaching Etsy store owners. As a result it’s launching with 5,000 sellers […]

Facebook To Replace ‘Like’ With Six Emoji

Facebook appears to have ditched the idea of a straight “dislike” button to go alongside the traditional like. Instead it is testing a choice of six emoji to cover a wider range of emotions. The original plan for adding a dislike button was intended to cover situations where users might want a one-click way of […]

Google Speeds Up Mobile Sites

Google has unveiled a new system for making web pages load quicker on mobile devices. It seems to be an attempt to prevent people using dedicated apps instead, particularly for news sources. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a set of open source code that’s a variant on HTML and uses existing technologies. It’s partly designed […]

US Firms May Need To Boost Customer Privacy

A 15-year old agreement that makes it easier for thousands of US companies to run websites and online services has been declared invalid by a European Court. The ditching of the Safe Harbor arrangement means US companies wanting to handle the personal data of most European customers will now have to rethink their data protection […]

Facebook Brings Satellite Internet To Africa

Facebook is working with a satellite operator to expand Internet access in sub-Saharan Africa. They will use the entire broadband capability on a satellite scheduled to launch before the end of the year. The AMOS-6 satellite (pictured) has two sets of bands. One, covering frequencies known as Ku-bands, will cover Europe and the Middle East. […]

Accused Can Keep Passcodes Secret… Sometimes

A federal court has ruled that the fifth amendment can cover the passcode on an employee’s phone even if it was given to them by their employer. The case involves two data analysts for Capital One who were accused of insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission believed it had the legal right to see […]

Blockchain Could Be Used By Traditional Banks

Nine major banks are working together to experiment with using the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The idea is more about making financial transaction records more efficient and reliable than creating or using a new currency. The project, which follows consultations of more than a year, is exploring the blockchain technology which underpins cryptocurrencies. […]