California Makes Smartphone Killswitch Mandatory


Californian politicians have passed a law mandating a “killswitch” in all smartphones, allowing users to remotely disable the phone if it’s lost or stolen. It’s the first such law to require such a feature to be enabled by default. Bill 962 says all phones that are manufactured after 1 July 2015 and then sold in […]

TiVo launches Over-The-Air Model


TiVo is to sell a DVR designed for over-the-air content. It’s a service aimed at cord-cutters, but the monthly service charge could deter potential customers. The new model, the Roamio OTA, will cost $49.99 and is available exclusively from best buy. TiVo says it’s a limited edition, but that seems a meaningless phrase in this […]

Lord Richard Attenborough Dead at 90

attenborough 5

The man who “brought” us a park full of dinosaurs has passed away at the age of 90. Lord Richard Attenborough, known to many of us as Dr. John Hammond, the creator of the magical, dangerous Jurassic Park, died at lunchtime Sunday in England, The Guardian reports. Born in Cambridge, England, Attenborough began his film […]

Everyone’s A Gamer Now


Digital and mobile game sales have grossed more money than physical games for the first time, a new report shows. It’s part of a trend that means the stereotype of gamers as teenage boys is increasingly outdated. The figures come from industry trade body the Entertainment Software Association. It’s latest annual report reveals that last […]

Student Discovers Heart Screening May Be Flawed For Black Athletes


A British teenager has been praised by judges in a science contest after discovering a factor that could put black athletes with heart conditions at more risk of not being diagnosed. Henry Roth explored the genetic condition hypertropic cardiomopathy. It leads to a thickening of the heart’s muscle walls and, if undiagnosed and untreated, increases […]

Google To Offer Accounts For Kids [News]

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google may offer user accounts specifically designed for children, the logic being that kids are already signing up and lying about their age. As the newspaper notes, once Google officially knows a user is under 13, there are legal implications: Google and most other Internet companies tread carefully […]

Dust Particles May Be From Interstellar Space


Researchers in the US are getting excited about seven dust particles, each no wider than one-50th the diamater of a human hair. Why? Because they may originate from another solar system. The samples were collected by the Stardust spacecraft (pictured as artist’s impression) from the dust left by the comet Wild 2. Although Stardust collected […]

Cancer Researchers Strike Gold


British scientists believe that nanoparticles that include gold could help fight cancerous tumors. The work by a team including Mark Welland of Cambridge University targeted gliobastoma multiforme, the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor. One of the biggest challenges is that it creates a pattern of cancerous and healthy tissues mixed up to […]

Scribble Color Pen Update [News]


On Wednesday we covered a Kickstarter campaign for Scribble, a pen that could capture any color and reproduce it in ink or on screen depending which version you got. However, shortly after we ran the story, the Kickstarter campaign¬†was mysteriously¬†canceled by its creators despite getting nearly four times its goal of $100,000 in pledges. It […]

Tattoo Turns Sweat Into Electricity


A Californian professor has designed a “tattoo” that can turn sweat into electricity. But there’s still a lot of work before it becomes a practical form of charger. Dr Wenzhao Jia of the University of California, San Diego, was originally working on a device to monitor lactate levels, designed for use by athletes in training. […]

Cat’s DNA Completely Sequenced [Article]


We may never understand the mysterious ways of domestic cats. But a team of 25 researchers across three continents have completely sequenced one cat’s DNA. The cat in question is Cinammon, an Abyssinian cat for whom the University of Missouri in Columbia is home. It’s the first complete sequencing of a cat. The same researchers […]

Robots Lets You Browse Gallery After Hours [Video]


You’ll be able to explore the Tate Britain gallery in London after closing time this week thanks to the installation of four webcam-fitted robots that can be controlled by visitors to the gallery’s website. The BBC explains: Each machine will live-stream its footage to the Tate’s “After Dark” website, where viewers will be able to […]