When Black Holes Meet

A Hawaii telescope has produced data that suggests astronomers may soon see two black holes pair and even merge, the first time such a process has been observed. Researchers believe the two black holes have¬†synchronised and are producing a quasar that cycles from bright to dark and back again. The data comes from a telescope […]

Drug-Buying Bot Freed By Police

A computer that automatically bought illegal drugs online has been released from custody by Swiss law enforcement officials. The computer ran an automated bot called ‘Random Darknet Shopper’ as part of an art project. The artists behind the project had programmed the bot to search for illicit materials on darknet sites. That’s a loosely defined […]

Video Camera Powered By Own Pictures

Researchers at Columbia University have produced a video camera that uses no battery or mains power. Instead it powers itself using the very light it is capturing for the images. In the first working model, the video is pretty crappy. However, the researchers say the principle could be developed to produce a camera that can […]

GameStop To Buy And Sell Retro Consoles & Games

GameStop is to start accepting retro consoles and games as tradeins. It will then sell them via its online store. The program will cover consoles from Nintendo (NES, SNES and N64), Sega (Genesis and Dreamcast) and Sony (original Playstation) plus associated games and accessories. GameStop already accepts several later consoles. It’s a test program at […]

“New Horizons” Probe Takes First Picture From Pluto

Pluto is a reddish color. Until now that was largely¬†an assumption, but a new probe photo confirms that is indeed the case. The New Horizons probe has just taken its first photo of Pluto, as shown above. It’s a bit blurry, which is excusable as it was taken from 115 million kilometers away. Much better […]

Two Dimes Make Fatalities Easier In Mortal Kombat X

Early reviews of Mortal Kombat X are generally positive, but it’s clear the game is very much shaped to the 2015 gaming market. As well as buying new fighters as DLC, there’s an option to make micropayments to get “easy fatalities.” Using an easy fatality means being able to carry out the ultimate in finishing […]

World’s Fastest Computer May Be Working On Nukes

The US government says China is using the world’s largest supercomputer for nuclear-related activities. It’s banned Intel from supplying chips to expand Tianhe-2’s capabilities. The computer has been listed as the world’s fastest since June 2013 when it took top spot on the bi-annual TOP500 list. Housed at the National Supercomputing Center in Guanghzhou, it’s […]

Acidic Oceans Caused Largest Mass Extinction

The biggest ever wipeout of life on Earth was indeed the result of the oceans turning acidic according to researchers. They say unearthed rocks provide the first clear evidence to prove a theory behind the mass extinction 252 million years ago. The Permian-Triassic extinction event, also known simply as the Great Dying, killed off around […]

6 New Powers In ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’

The new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a lot of people drooling. One of the best “accomplish the mission the way you see fit” franchises ever made, the newest edition to this great series looks like it wants to blow away all prior versions (which will be quite difficult to do, seeing as to how […]

Campaigner & Publishers Battle Over ‘Dead’ Video Games

Digital rights campaigners want legal protection for gamers who want to carry on playing games after the relevant servers have shut down. But software firms have reportedly opposed such a move as promoting hacking. The issue has been raised by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and involves games which rely on access to an online server […]

Auto-Dial Billed As Solution To Burned Sauces

A funded Kickstarter project wants to use a temperature sensor and automated control knob to stop you burning or undercooking the contents of your saucepan. The makers clearly haven’t met my stovetop. While we can’t all afford a sous vide machine, several products on the market already automate cooking to make sure meats cook perfectly. […]

3D Scanner Cameras Could Fit Inside Phones

3D printing already allows replicator machines, but they aren’t exactly pocket-sized. Now researchers believe it could be possible to scan an object for 3D printing using a smartphone camera. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have produced a proof-of-concept camera chip that’s considerably less than a millimeter square. If successfully developed and built into […]