Media Consumption Overtakes Sleep


A new report suggests the average Brit spends more time using media devices than they do sleeping. But that claim comes with a catch. The report comes from Ofcom, the British equivalent to the Federal Communications Commission. It surveyed the media consumption of 2,800 adults and children over one week. Ofcom’s summary of the report […]

Bitcoin Rival Aims To Help Medical Research


A new crypto-currency is designed to aid medical research as well as function as a medium of exchange. CureCoin, which launched in May but is now being promoted through a publicity campaign, works along the lines of similar currencies such as Bitcoin, but its creation process involves medical research. The units of a crypto-currency aren’t […]

Lost In Space Sex Geckos: Russia Regains Contact


Russian officials say they’ve regained contact with a satellite containing mating geckos. The satellite had gone out of contact, leading to an unlikely appeal from HBO’s John Oliver. The Foton-M4 satellite launched in July contained an enclosure housing one male and four female geckos. They’ve got a ventilation system, two months’ worth of food and […]

Limited Gaming Can Boost Child Wellbeing


A new “study of studies” suggests that a small amount of video gaming can help children’s psychosocial adjustment. But it’s not an effect strong enough to outweigh other developmental factors. Dr Andrew Przbylski of Oxford University collated the results of several surveys covering around 5,000 British children aged 10 to 15. He filtered the results […]

Robot Walks With Broken Leg


Researchers have developed a robot that can figure out in just a couple of minutes how to get around despite one limb being incapacitated. It could make it more viable to use robots in remote locations. The project involved staff in universities in Paris and Wyoming who’ve just published a research paper. They wanted to […]

Tor Network May Have Been Compromised


The Tor Project says an attack on the network earlier this year may have left user identities exposed for up to five months. At the moment those behind Tor say they are uncertain exactly what the consequences of the attack, which ran from January 30 to July 4, are for users. The Tor Project says […]

OKCupid Admits Matching Unsuited Couples in Social Experiment


Dating site OKCupid has admitted it experimented by deliberately “matching” incompatible partners to see how much weight its recommendations carry. The revelation has caused some controversy, following shortly after it emerged that Facebook deliberately emphasized negative posts in some users’ news feeds to see if it changed the tone of their own posts. It’s certainly […]

Lithium Anode Could Boost Cellphone Battery Life & Electric Car Range


Stanford researchers have created a stable pure lithium anode. It’s a huge step towards a dramatic increase in battery capacity. We currently refer to rechargable batteries in portable devices as being “lithium ion” rather than simply lithium because today’s models only use lithium in the electrolyte and not the anode, which is usually silicon or […]

Congressional Computer Banned By Wikipedia


An IP address at the House of Representatives has received a 10-day ban from anonymous edits on Wikipedia. It follows malicious edits receiving unwanted publicity. A Twitter account, @congressedits, automatically posts a message whenever a computer using any IP address assigned to Congress makes an edit. While it may be that some representatives and their […]

Verizon To Match Upload Speeds With Downloads


Verizon is to upgrade all of its FiOS customers to increase their upload speeds to match their download speeds. There’ll be no extra charge, though some users will have to wait. Right back to the days when nerdier folk showed off about knowing what the A in ADSL stood for, most broadband users have come […]

Online Video Blitz Gets Weird Al Yankovic To #1 on the Billboard 200


After 14 attempts over 31 years, Weird Al Yankovic has finally reached number one in the Billboard album charts. Mandatory Fun will debut at number one on the Billboard 200 based on sales from last week. Yankovic had previously said it’s likely to be his last album and he’ll now concentrate on singles and music […]

Facebook Adds Read-It-Later Feature


Facebook has added a “Save” feature that acts like a bookmark tool for linked content on your news feed. Unlike tools such as Instapaper, it doesn’t allow offline viewing. The feature will be available on both the desktop website version of the site and on the official Android/iOS apps. On posts which contain a link, […]