IKEA Builds Wireless Charging Into Desktops

If you use a wireless charger, chances are you keep it on a desk or bedside table. IKEA now has an alternative though: furniture with a charging pad built-in. The range will include tables, desks and lamps. The charging pad is built into the top of the table or desk, and into either the base […]

Best News EVER: ‘Adventure Time’ Is Getting Movie From ‘Lego Movie’ Creators

In what may amount to the greatest news ever of all time, seems it has been confirmed that Adventure Time is being made into a full length feature film by the same guys who did the awesometastic Lego Movie. To try to wrap your brain around how fantastic this is will be all but impossible. […]

Banksy In Gaza

The unknown but highly respected street artist brought some of his eye-opening and mind-awakening art to the powerless of Gaza. The results are quite staggering. [Video and Image Via Devour]

Every Member of The Avengers, Ranked

The Avengers are about as super as super teams get. From Captain America to Hulk, they are not a team to be trifled with. But between comics and movies, there have been a great many of them. Before Age of Ultron drops, i09 put together this cool list of all the Avengers ranked. Trust us, […]

Photomath: The App That Does Your Math For You

I look at the Photomath app, and I get very sad. Not that it will make future generations stupid or any such nonsense. No, I am mad that it didn’t exist while I struggled through algebra. That was essentially a semester I spent barely treading water, and knowing this would exist one day would’ve eased […]

Biocomputer Music: Musical Mold Prepares To Perform

A fungus is to duet with a piano at an upcoming arts festival. The Physarum polycephalum mold responds to music in what the pianist calls a creative way. It’s the work of Professor Eduardo Miranda, who specialises in the crossover between music and science, His previous work includes a collaboration between a traditional string quartet […]

10 Essential Animated Movies That Are Absolutely Not for Kids

The wonderful thing about the medium of animation is, even though it caters to kids visually, animated movies can be aimed at adults and children. Not all animated films feature cute, fuzzy animals getting into hilarious hi-jinx. Some feature them being ripped apart and raging war against one another, like Watership Down. Something I touched […]

For the Adventurous: Mix Your Coke with Milk Because Science

So there is a ‘thing’ going around the interwebz right now about mixing coke with milk and what happens as a result. I, myself, am not sure it is something I would ever want to do, but apparently it is the “Coke and Mentos” of 2015. It is a reaction of the Phosphoric Acid contained […]

Skynet is Real: Computer Learns To Play Atari Games

A Google-backed experiment showed a computer was able to learn how to play 49 Atari 2600 games and, in many┬ácases, while outperforming a human player. It’s in some ways more impressive than even chess-playing supercomputers. The likes of Deep Blue learn from their experiences playing, but were originally programmed with the rules of chess. The […]

Researchers Claim Terabit Transfer Over Mobile Broadband

British researchers claim to have achieved a 1 terabit per second data transfer over mobile broadband. But although they used 5G technology, it’s far in excess of what anyone expects to be possible in “real world” use. The speed was reached by the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey. They achieved it in […]

Google Warning Comes Two Clicks From Danger

Google has stepped up its warning system for dubious websites: Chrome will now flag up sites that contain potentially harmful downloads, even if the site itself does no damage. Until now Google’s warnings had only taken effect in two situations: when a Chrome user clicked on a link to a page believed to contain malware […]

The Black Plague Was Probably Caused By Cute Gerbils, Not Dirty Rats

When many of us think about the black plague which ravaged much of Europe on the 14th century, we associate it with scurrying, nasty, dirty little rats. The truth, as it turns out, shows that we are just a bit off. Seems the real culprit may have been some (decidedly less creepy looking) gerbils. According […]