Ten Mind-Shattering Facts About Time


Time is an illusion put forth to control how we spend our days and ensure we do them as efficiently as possible. Or time is a unit of measurement, in the same way inches are a unit of measurement. Truth is, time is a mystery to us, even though we pretend we have a grasp […]

‘Broadband’ Must Now Be At Least 25Mbps


The Federal Communications Commission has changed the “official” definition of broadband to 25Mbps downloads and 3Mbps uploads. But the new threshold will largely affect statistics rather than practicalities. The FCC definition had been set at 4Mbps downloads and 1Mbps uploads since 2010. By a vote of three to two, the commissioners ruled that this was […]

2000 Degrees and Climbing: Weather Map Goes Insane During Live Report


You may look at this and laugh, but if you read my pieces on this site every day you know, this is just another sign of the impending robopocalypse. Sure, the blue screen temps are way off and it isn’t likely any of those places are going to reach 2000 degrees, but what if that […]

Chess Program Coded In 487 Bytes


A new chess program takes up just 487 bytes. It appears to beat a record set on the ZX81 more than three decades ago. BootChess can run on Windows, OS X or Linux systems. It’s a text only game, using a grid with letters to denote pieces and periods to denote empty squares. It appears […]

Denmark Says No Super Heroes Allowed


Danish officials have refused a request by a 26-year-old toyshop owner to change his name to Super Hero. He’s a victim of a national law that restricts the legal names that can be given to babies or adopted by adults. Denmark has a “Law on Personal Names” which officials say is needed to protect children […]

Kevlar Could Mean Safer, Slimmer Batteries


The latest idea for making slimmer and/or more powerful batteries uses Kevlar, the material from bullet-proof vests. University of Michigan researchers believe Kevlar could reduce the likelihood of batteries shorting out, something that not only makes them useless but risks a fire or explosion. They point to such problems grounding all Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes […]

Emma Watson To Play Belle In New, Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’


To say Emma Watson is a goddess among geekdom is an understatement. She grew from a child in the Harry Potter series to a lovely, poised, graceful woman. Good news for fans of the talented actress, as she recent took to her Twitter and announced she will be playing the role of Belle in the […]

Mexican Meth Malfunction: Drug Drone Downed


A drug-smuggling drone has crashed near the US/Mexican border. It appears these smugglers were over-ambitious, but some of their counterparts may be more successful. The drone crashed into a Tijuana supermarket parking lot where it was reported to police. An NBC freelance reporter says the drone, which flew thanks to six propellors powered by a […]

The ‘X-Files’ Is Getting a Reboot


Holy crap, the X-Files is getting a reboot. Though they have been in talks for years about bringing this exciting show to the masses once again, up until now it had only been speculation. As of yesterday, speculation crossed over into fact (like an actual X-Files episode). From Vanity Fair: Over the weekend, Fox confirmed […]

Google Cellphone Service: More Details Emerge


Google has reportedly made a deal to offer a cellphone service that uses both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. It would combine this with use of currently unused frequencies to offer high-speed data in cities. A report by The Information¬†says the project is codenamed Nova and describes a 2015 launch as likely. It would follow […]

Cops Using Radar To Search Homes From Outside


Dozens of law enforcement agencies are using radar that can detect humans moving in their homes, without the need to gain entry according to a USA Today report that has reawakened the debate about the crossover of technology and the law. The newspaper says at least 50 agencies, including the FBI and US Marshals Service, […]

Microsoft Patents ‘Inconspicuous Mode’ For Cellphones


Microsoft has patented an “inconspicuous mode” for making sure cellphones behave themselves in movie theaters and similar settings. But the patent is vague about exactly how the setting would be triggered. After applying for the patent, titled “Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices” in 2013, Microsoft received the final thumbs up from the US Patent and […]