Assassins Creed: Unity To Get A String Of Patches


Ubisoft is continuing to patch Assassins Creed: Unity after players complained about some frankly ludicrous bugs. The problems of drawn more attention to controversy over the publisher’s unusual review policy for the game. The game suffers from three main categories of problems. The first is difficulty getting connected to game servers for multiplay, something that […]

Google Leases NASA Airfield And Airship Hanger One


Google has agreed to lease a NASA airfield for 60 years in a deal worth $1.16 billion. It plans to use Moffett Federal Airfield for its space research subsidiary Planetary Ventures LLC. The airfield, in Mountain View in the San Francisco bay area, was originally a naval air base; NASA took control in 1994 when […]

Ian The Robot Masters Karate Kid’s Crane Kick


A robotics firm owned by Google has programmed a human-sized robot to carry out the crane kick from The Karate Kid. The idea appears to be to show that the robot has the type of balance and depth perception that even real humans might find a challenge. It’s the work of Boston Dynamics, the firm […]

Font Makes Reading With Dyslexia Easier

The designer of a special font aimed at people with dyslexia says more than 12,000 people have downloaded it since he made it available free of charge for home use. The Dyslexie font is designed to deal with a conflict between the ways many fonts are designed, and one of the ways dyslexia makes reading […]

Obama Calls For Net Neutrality Rules


President Barack Obama has given his clearest backing yet to net neutrality principles. He’s urged the Federal Communications Commission to not just tighten its rules, but make a key change to its rulemaking process. The White House has released both a written and video statement from Obama commenting on the ongoing call for public feedback […]

3D Printer Can Prepare Food


A machine that “prints” foods such as pizza is on the way. The Foodini is designed to make it easier to prepare fresh foods rather than rely on processed, prepared meals. While the device works along the lines of a 3D printer, it uses natural food ingredients rather than plastics. In principle it can work […]

Inflatable Baby Incubator Wins Design Engineering Prize


A low-cost, portable incubator for premature babies has won the James Dyson award for design engineer students. “mOm” is designed specifically for use in refugee camps and other deprived settings. Designer James Roberts began work on the project after watching a documentary about refugee camps. He says around 150,000 children are born in camps every […]

Emoji May Get Skin Tone Options


If you thought emojis were a short-lived gimmick, you could be disappointed by two new moves to improve the experience of using them. The Unicode standard may be updated to allow emojis in particular skin tones. Meanwhile smart-typing app Swype has been updated to automatically suggest an emoji based on the tone of your text. […]

Battery Plating Could Reduce Swallowing Dangers


More than 3,000 people a year swallow batteries in the US. Now a biomedical engineer has developed a way to reduce the resulting injuries and fatalities. While choking is an obvious hazard when swallowing any small object, there’s also a serious risk from the current itself. When a battery is in a liquid such as […]

900 Arcade Console Games Come To The Browser


Around 900 games from console arcades are now available to play online in your browser. It’s a fun diversion, but the man behind it points out that performance is unpredictable at best. The release of the games at the Internet Archive site brings together work from two different projects. The games are largely the result […]

Facebook Sets Up Tor Address


Facebook has made its site available to users of the Tor network, creating an odd mix of anonymity and accountability. On the face of it, Facebook over Tor doesn’t seem to make much sense: if you feel the need to obscure your Internet connection, it doesn’t seem likely you’d want to post publicly under your […]

AT&T Sued Over ‘Unlimited’ Data Throttling


The Federal Trade Commission is suing AT&T for allegedly misleading customers over its “unlimited” data plans. The FTC says reducing speeds for people who use large amounts of data counts as a limit, The case centers on what’s meant by “unlimited,” an issue that’s always controversial with mobile data. While some plans have a fixed […]