Empty ‘Driverless’ Car Is No Joke

A self-driving car with no humans on board being tested on the streets of Arlington, Virginia turned out to be operated by a man who was disguised as a car seat. But it was genuine research rather than a prank. While Virginia Tech university has been testing autonomous vehicle technology on specified interstates and highways, […]

Algorithms Getting Smarter To Sarcasm

Emojis may be the key to algorithms finally being able to grasp sarcasm. It could mean more effective ways to track public moods and tastes or spot hate speech. Online marketers and have for several years been using social media posts as a way to track how people are talking about brands and products. Originally […]

Tape Cartridge Could Store 330 Terabytes

IBM and Sony have teamed up to produce a magnetic tape cartridge that could fit 330 terabytes in the palm of your hand. The tape can store 201 gigabits (25 gigabytes) in a single square inch (pictured). Arstechnica notes that the theoretical 330 terabyte tape cartridge would be more than 20 times the biggest capacity […]

Ralph Maccio Returns In Karate Kid Spinoff

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are reprising their roles from the Karate Kid in a 10-part series on YouTube’s Red subscription service. Cobra Kai will depict LaRusso and Johnny 30 years after their initial All Valley Karate Tournament clash. The main storylines involve Johnny looking to rebuild his life by reopening the Cobra Kai dojo […]

NASA Looking For Planetary Protection Officer

NASA wants somebody to take responsibility for keeping Earth – and other planets — safe. The Planetary Protection Officer will earn up to $187,000 a year. The job isn’t so much about zapping incoming aliens. Rather it’s about making sure that space missions don’t contaminate Earth with organic or biological material from other planets and […]

Super Mario Bros on NES Sells For $30,000

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros has sold on eBay for more than $30,000. It was helped by a couple of frantic last-minute bids, but is still ludicrously expensive compared to an opened copy. The cartridge by itself is currently going for around $10 among fixed-price ‘Buy It Now’ sellers, while used boxed copies […]

Robot Cuts Safe-Crack Time From Months To Minutes

A $200 robot cracked a safe in 30 minutes, thanks largely to exploiting weaknesses in a physical rather than digital lock. The safe makers say it would be difficult to replicate in a real attack. The SentrySafe uses a combination with three pairs of digits, making for 970,299 different possible codes. A brute force attack […]

First ‘Moon’ Spotted Outside Our Solar System

Astronomers may have detected a moon from outside of our solar system for the first time. Either way, they’ve definitely come up with a terrible pun. The ‘candidate moon’ is formerly known as Kepler-1625b but has been nicknamed a “Nep-moon” because it’s a similar size and mass to Neptune. That would give it a radius […]