Solar-powered cellphone on the way

A Japanese cellphone provider plans to sell a waterproof, solar-powered handset later this year. The firm says it will be exclusive to Japan, but the technology appears to be particularly useful for some developing nations. Manufactured by Sharp, the device is set up so that solar power can recharge the battery to 80% of capacity. […]

Were You Here Before Oprah?

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Seeing Oprah start “tweeting” made me realize a few things: Celebrities who are not comedians or geeks twittering is just a bad, bad idea. I realize that this probably just makes me a snob, but Oprah’s credibility goes down once I learn that she can’t use apostrophes correctly. My […]

Courtroom webcasting ban a “disagreeable” outcome

The good news for lovers of webcasting is that a federal appeals court has ruled that the medium is a form of broadcasting with equal status to that of television. The bad news is that that ruling was made to ban webcams from covering a music filesharing case. The defendant, Boston University student Joel Tennenbaum, […]

Spam wastes the power of 2.4 million homes

The energy wasted by spam e-mails could power 2.4 million homes a year according to security firm McAfee. But its report offers little advice as to how to avoid this problem. The firm’s report, produced with the help of environmental consultants ICF International, concludes that spam is responsible for the waste of 33 billion kilowatt […]

Microsoft agrees to free repairs on E74 Xbox bug

Microsoft has agreed to extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 to cover the ‘E74’ error. This bug is different to the much-publicized ‘red ring of death’. It’s indicated by one quadrant of the power indicator glowing, and an on-screen message displaying the error code E74 and informing users to contact Xbox customer support. Once […]

‘Facebook = low college grades’ study hardly an A+

A study by Ohio State University claims Facebook users spend less time studying and get lower grades than classmates who don’t use the site. But there are some serious flaws in the study’s logic. A survey of 219 students found that 85% of undergraduates use Facebook. Those who do have grade-point averages between 3.0 and […]

iPod Shuffle: the tiny device with the huge profits

BusinessWeek is reporting that Apple’s Shuffle 3G – retail price $79.99 – is made up of parts costing just $21.77. Those costs, which include the headphones and packaging, represent just 28% of the retail price, meaning the tiny device likely has a huge profit margin. To put things into context, the components of the first […]

Microsoft continues and expands attacks on Apple

Microsoft has accompanied the third of its anti-Apple commercials with a creative document detailing what it calls the ‘Apple Tax’. The latest ad follows the same theme: ‘ordinary’ shoppers (this time a mother and son) head out with a $1,500 budget and wind up choosing a PC over a Mac. This time the requirements are […]