Twitter aflitter with quicker quitters

Most people who use Twitter will be gone within a month according to newly published figures. Number-crunchers say the trend means Twitter’s past growth rate will be unsustainable. The figures from web research firm Nielsen Media say that only 40% of people using the site during a month will still be using Twitter the following […]

Scientists create glow-in-the-dark dog

No, that is not a typo. Scientists in South Korea claim they have used cloning to produce four dogs which can glow red in the dark. While it sounds like a wacky student prank, it actually has major implications for medical science. The four cloned beagles look perfectly normal in daylight, but several bodyparts glow […]

Third Time Lucky in Apple Fart Saga

As we noted last week, Apple’s vetting procedure for its iPhone app store is mysterious to say the least. While the decisions have involved everything from technical to licensing issues, the company appears to be particularly inconsistent on matters of taste. It rejected an official South Park app which would have delivered clips of the […]

Next-gen disk capacity 10 times bigger than Blu-ray

General Electric has revealed that it’s created a 500GB optical disk. That’s 10 times the capacity of a Blu-ray disc, and enough room for the content from almost 60 movie DVDs. Right now, the technology is simply at the stage where it can be proven to work in a lab setting. It’s likely to be […]

New HD-DVD to Blu-ray ‘upgrade’ scheme not as generous as it appears

Warner Bros is offering HD-DVD buyers the chance to replace their movies with Blu-ray copies for $4.95. But the deal is plagued by restrictions which will likely mean it does little more than irritate buyers who backed the wrong horse. The basics of the deal sound fine: you simply mail in the cover art from […]

Apple approves, then pulls, baby shaking iPhone game

Apple has pulled an iPhone application which simulated shaking a baby until it fell asleep. But the firm hasn’t given a clear explanation as to how it was approved in the first place. The application was produced by third-party firm Sikalosoft and approved for sale through the App store section of the iTunes store. Costing […]

Speed the key to next-gen Bluetooth

The next version of Bluetooth technology should mean lower power consumption, higher transfer speeds and wireless syncing of music and video libraries between computers and portable devices. The changes are part of Bluetooth 3.0, which effectively became official today when the industry’s Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) agreed to adopt the standard. It’s the last […]

Activision Fails At Lawyer Hero

Many naughty children have been ordered to hand over video game controllers and disks to their rightful owners. Now Activision, makers of Guitar Hero, have suffered the same fate. It’s the result of a legal case involving Activision and Genius Products, both of whom are working on DJ-related games. Genius is working on a game […]