The ‘cost’ of piracy

A claim that the annual costs of piracy to the software industry has topped $50 billion for the first time highlights a major flaw in the way such ‘costs’ are estimated. According to the Business Software Alliance, 41 per cent of software worldwide is pirated. It argues that this represents losses to the industry of […]

Mario now a historical number two

Wii Sports might – repeat might – be the new best-selling game ever, topping Super Mario Bros. Nintendo has just published a list of all its games which sold more than a million copies last year, along with their respective lifetime sales; Wii Sports is listed at 45.7 million sales. That’s just above the 40.23 […]

Xbox games could be getting more physical

Tech site Endgadget is reporting that Microsoft plans to launch a gadget for the Xbox 360 which extends the Wii-style motion control to cover the entire body. According to the site’s source, which has the somewhat lightweight description of “someone who purports to be in the know”, the system would not involve controllers. Instead there […]