Europe calls for glitch-free game guarantees

Proposed European guidelines could mean an end to the misery of bug-filled video games. But manufacturers say the rules would be unworkable and could even limit how many games are developed. The European Commission, the administrative arm of the European Union, says games should lose their current exemption from quality guarantee laws. As things stand, […]

Wolfram|Alpha: truly amazing, but no Google slayer yet

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Today marks the official launch date of Wolfram|Alpha, a “computational knowledge engine” from Wolfram Research.  The stated goal of Wolfram|Alpha is “to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.”  Simplistically, you ask it a question and it gives you the answer – along with a […]

Tony Hawk games get more realistic

Got your NES gun? Got your Wii Fit board? Got your Rock Band drum set? Well get this… Activision has announced the next game in its skateboarding series, Tony Hawk Rides, complete with a plug-in skateboard peripheral. It’s tilt sensitive and includes a series of buttons on the side, though the way these will be […]

The ‘cost’ of piracy

A claim that the annual costs of piracy to the software industry has topped $50 billion for the first time highlights a major flaw in the way such ‘costs’ are estimated. According to the Business Software Alliance, 41 per cent of software worldwide is pirated. It argues that this represents losses to the industry of […]

Mario now a historical number two

Wii Sports might – repeat might – be the new best-selling game ever, topping Super Mario Bros. Nintendo has just published a list of all its games which sold more than a million copies last year, along with their respective lifetime sales; Wii Sports is listed at 45.7 million sales. That’s just above the 40.23 […]