A Fun Rock Cover of the Inspector Gadget Theme [Video]


A fun rock version of the Inspector Gadget theme by [GAS] friend The Human Tim. [The Human Tim]

Channel Zero Gets its First (Creepy) Trailer


For those who do not know, Channel Zero will be an anthology horror show that tells classic creepypasta┬ástories via SyFy. And if creepypasta does not ring a bell, that Slender Man story (and game, and soon to be movie) is taken from a story from there. Truth is, the whole site if filled to the […]

The Cost of Building a Real World AT-AT [Infographic]


Want to build a real world version of the AT-AT from the Star Wars saga in your backyard? Here is an approximation of how much building one would cost you! Be sure to click on the infographic to view it in full size. [Source | Via GG]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Purchase 3 Blu-Ray Movies for a Total Price of $19.99


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is having a big sale, offering 3 blu-ray movies (from a selection of over 100) for a total of $19.99. There’s a lot of geek classics in there such as “The Goonies,” “The Neverending Story,” “Interstellar,” and much, much more! Please note that the discount will […]

Batman: Arkham Origins – A Short Film By Deadpool Director Tim Miller Featuring Batman Battling Deathstroke [Video]


“Batman: Arkham Origins,” apart from the game, is also a short film that was directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and features a fight between The Dark Knight and Deathstroke, with a guest appearance from Deadshot. [Blur Studio | Via GT]

Stan Lee is “The Watcher” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe [Video]


I’m sure you’ve all seen Stan Lee featured in at least one Marvel movie, even though he has cameos in most of them. Could this be because the man is in fact Uatu the Watcher? [CineFix]

Please Help: What Color is Chloe the Cat from The Secret Life of Pets?


The Secret Life of Pets is a great family film and a joy for animation and animal lovers alike. But I have been faced with a serious dilemma and I was hoping you could all lend a hand (and answer) to this debate that I have found myself in with quite a few people since […]

Brilliant New Star Wars Ad Embraces Equality For All of Us #sharetheforce [Video]


An amazing ad that brings out the best in all of us, boys and girls of all ages, because deep down inside, we’re all rebels. This is advertisement done right. Great job, Target. [Youtube]

Disney Princesses on a Bad Hair Day [Geek Art]


Disney princesses always look perfect on screen, but in reality, they’d look completely different, especially when it comes to their hair. Artist C. Cassandra illustrates what the perfect princesses would look like on a bad hair day. [Source: C. Cassandra | Via GT]

The BEST Stop Motion Short of All Time: Predator Teams Up With Boba Fett and Stormtrooper to Fight Alien [Video]


Game over everyone, counter656 has just released what might possibly be the most awesome, hilarious, and well made stop motion short film of all time. This is a new video we made about stop motion fights between several movie characters, figures are from Herocross, which are very cute and awesome toys , this video took […]

How To Make The Millennium Falcon in Origami [Infographic]


[Source: buildmillenniumfalcon.com]