Holy Crap! Darth Vader vs. Alien Would Be the Best Movie Ever! [Pics]

Check out these amazing illustrations by artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi featuring Darth Vader and a bunch of Stormtroopers fighting off a horde or Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d totally pay to see a movie like this! Please note that some of these illustrations are available as posters […]

A Fantastic Pokémon Medley by Cellist Tina Guo [Video]

A fantastic Pokémon medley by talented cellist Tina Guo. This track is part of Tina’s upcoming album, GAME ON!, which is available right here for pre-order. [Tina Guo]

Today’s HOTTEST Deal: Rent any movie on Amazon for Just $0.99 (Rent Now, Watch Later) + Save BIG on AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker

Starting today and until January 23, 2017 at 11:59pm PST, Amazon gives you the opportunity to rent any digital movie for just $0.99 by using promo code MOVIE99 (be sure to read the instructions at the top of the pages!) Even if you’re note interested in watching the movie you rent right now, Amazon gives […]

Kylo Ren Reviews Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (SPOILERS!)

Warning: SPOILERS. Watch as Kylo Ren shares his thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Also, I totally agree with Kylo about the last 10 minutes of the film. I’d totally pay the full admission price to see that scene again right now. [Auralnauts]

Home Alone as an 8-Bit Game [Video]

Ho-Ho-Ho-Home Alone returns as a retro action-packed arcade game for your holiday cheer! So sit back, relax, stir up some hot cocoa, and watch little McAllister cause some mayhem. Happy Holidays! [CineFix]

Cruise Scream Becomes Meme

An unconvincing Tom Cruise scream has become something of a meme that’s now even available as a ringtone. The clip went public after a blunder by Universal Pictures. The movie studio produced a trailer for the upcoming The Mummy remake but a production error meant some of the audio tracks were missing. That meant key […]

AMAZING DEAL: Amazon is Having a HUGE Sale on Popular Marvel Digital Comics!

Do you like reading comics on your eReader, tablet, or computer? Yes? Then you’ll be glad to learn that Amazon is currently holding a huge sale on some of its most popular digital comics from Marvel! There’s over 300 titles to choose from for only a few dollars each! Be sure to check ’em all […]

Touching and Beautiful: Chewbacca Sings “Silent Night” [Video]

The brilliant idea for “Chewbacca Sings Silent Night” was actually created in 1999 by Scott Andersen, and since then, his audio has been shared many times, often without crediting him. [How It Should Have Ended]

When Boba Fett Goes Medieval: An Epic Suit of Armor by Prince Armory

We’ve featured Samuel Lee from Prince Armory time and time again for his epic leather armor craftsmanship on geeks are sexy, and today, the man presents yet another suit of Star Wars inspired armor to the world: Medieval Boba Fett! Be sure to check out the rest of the pics below! [Prince Armory]

A “Die Hard” Christmas Tree Ornament [Pic]

Best. Christmas. Tree. Ornament. Ever. Yippee ki-yay mother…… [Source: StuFX on Reddit]

Today’s HOTTEST Deals: Save BIG on Anime Titles, Dewalt Tools, Top Audio Brands, and A LOT MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are some great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning! Amazing is currently holding its Anime Extravaganza event, offering some HUGE rebates on popular anime franchises such as Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, and MUCH MORE! Please note that this sale […]

The Dreadful Mortal Kombat Movies Get the “Honest Trailers” Treatment [Video]

I can’t believe someone actually made this, watched it, and then still released it! Before you watch Assassin’s Creed try to shake off all the video game movie stink that came before it, strap in for two movies full of fighters who can’t act and actors who can’t fight – Mortal Kombat! [Screen Junkies]