Epic Lord of the Rings And Other Geeky Fire Pits [Pics]

We’ve featured the work of “Imagine Metal Art” a few times in the past, but the artist behind the epic fire pits you often see all around the web has added a few new creations to his Etsy store in the past few months. And yes, for those interested, they’re all available for purchase at […]

IT vs. IT: Pennywise and the IT Department [Video]

When an office worker calls the IT department to solve a computer issue, confusion leads to Pennywise showing up when hearing a call for “It,” and things don’t make much more sense when information technology finally arrives. [The Late Late Show with James Corden]

Top 10 Movie Props of All Time

With all the attention actors, directors and cinematography get sometimes it’s easy to forget about the little things. Props can be tools, weapons, character builders or maguffins and these are the 10 best of all time. [CinemaFix]

A First Look at David Harbour as Hellboy [Pic]

For those who aren’t aware of it yet, there’s a reboot of Hellboy coming up, and here’s the first look at the characters, which will be played by Stranger Things’ David Harbour. The picture was released online thanks to Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. Holy crap… first look #hellboy pic.twitter.com/T63IpVvEHs — Mike Mignola (@artofmmignola) September 13, […]

The Floor is Lava [Short Movie]

Three roommates must survive when the floor… is lava! [Rocket Jump]

Let’s Have a Party: Dancing in 80’s Movies Supercut [Video]

Ain’t no party like an 80’s dance party! 86 movies featured, movie list below: Annie Footloose Dirty Dancing The Last Dragon Moonwalker Breakin’ 2 Perfect Teen Wolf Hairspray The Breakfast Club Body Rock Flashdance Girls Just Want To Have Fun Innerspace A Chorus Line Electric Dreams The Running Man Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the […]

Warp Speed Comparison: From Warp 1 to Warp 9.985 [Video]

Ever wonder how fast the ships in Star Trek actually are? How about relative to one another? This video by Youtuber EC Henry takes a look at those differences! [EC Henry]

Dragon Con 2017 – This Beautiful Cosplay Life [Cosplay Music Video]

Beat Down Boogie’s Blake Faucette and Matthew Sumner recently traveled to Atlanta, GA to film the best cosplay party in the United States, Dragon Con. With over 80,000 people in attendance this year, the diversity and quality of cosplay on display rivals any convention worldwide. Cosplays include Nintendo, Fallout, Overwatch, Fast Food Avengers, Justice League, […]

Conan’s Associate Producer Explains Why Star Wars is Superior to Star Trek Dressed as Spock

Watch as Conan’s associate producer Jordan Schlansky explains why “Star Wars” is superior to “Star Trek” for far, far too long! [Team COCO]

Great Fairy Fountain (from The Legend of Zelda): A Violin Cover by Taylor Davis [Video]

A beautiful cover of the Great Fairy Fountain theme from The Legend of Zelda by violinist Taylor Davis. [Taylor Davis]

Ghostbusters: A Movie About Nothing [Video Essay]

What is Ghostbusters really about? What’s the theme? Does it even have one? Let’s find out! [Patrick (H) Willems]