This Gasping Crowd Sound is Used in HUNDREDS of Movies and TV Shows

It’s the Wilhelm scream of gasping! We’ve heard this sound effect in everything from awful comedy trailers to terrible tv shows, as well as mediocre movies. Sometimes even critically acclaimed mumble-core films are lazy and hackneyed enough to use this embarrassing sound effect. You can get a full list of where it’s used on the […]

Jack Black Might Be the New Superman, DC and James Gunn Respond [Video]

So yeah, according to this super serious Instagram video, Jack Black might become the new Superman. Even James Gunn seems to agree, mentioning that Black was supposed to wait until ComicCon for the big reveal. Behold: Voir cette publication sur Instagram Une publication partagée par Jack Black (@jackblack) And here are the responses from James […]

Shawicon 2023: Friendly Cosplaying at Our Favorite Pop Culture Event [Gallery]

For the first time in 3 years, our favorite con in the province of Quebec is back! Shawicon is a small and super friendly pop culture event that usually takes place yearly in the city of Shawinigan, Quebec, but due to the pandemic, the event was postponed multiple times until this year! Featuring wonderful cosplayers, […]

Where Does the Pirate Accent Come From? [Video]

The seafaring criminals known as pirates have existed for thousands of years. But because of the portrayals found in literature – or seen in films, TV shows, or on stage – much of what the general public thinks about pirates is likely historically inaccurate. Take for instance the pirate accent. Many believe the origin of […]