10 Confusing Endings from Famous Movies Explained [Video]

Warning: Spoiler alert for Civil War. Movies often end on cliffhangers or by hinting towards things to come, but sometimes those endings can be quite dense and confusing for audiences. Examples are particularly prominent in – although not exclusive to – the world of comic book movies, because the endings will often hint towards new […]


A Banjo Cover of Mega Man 2’s Flash Man Theme [Video]

After covering the themes from Metal Man and Air Man, Banjo Guy Ollie now performs his interpretation of the Flash Man theme from Mega Man 2 using his banjo and other small instruments. I’ll include the original music below for those interested in comparing both versions. [Banjo Guy Ollie]

The Science of Making Music With Lightning [Video]

While at the ArcAttack HQ, Physics Girl and Joe Hanson used the opportunity to explain how musical tesla coils work. Also, if you’re wondering what it feels like to be inside a cage between two active tesla coils, be sure to check out the 360 degree video below. For those who’ve never seen it, we […]

Creepy and Intense: Robert Kirkman’s New show, Outcast, Reviewed (Spoiler Free)

What writer and creator Robert Kirkman did with zombies (The Walking Dead,) he is now attempting to do with demonic possession. Outcast is a Cinemax show based off the comic book of the same name by the aforementioned and esteemed creator of the Walking Dead. It focuses around a young man named Kyle Barnes who […]

A Beautiful Violin and Guitar Cover of The “The Last of Us” Theme [Video]

Musicians Anastasia Soina and CorusMusic combined their talent to create a beautiful violin and guitar cover of the “The Last of Us” theme. Check it out! [COrus Music]

The Sci-Fi Mixtape: Eclectic Method’s Awesome and Epic Tribute to Science Fiction [Video]

A fantastic mix of Sci-Fi remixes made by Eclectic Method. This is the mixtape to end all mixtapes! MAKE IT SO! [Eclectic Method]

10 Big Problems With EVERY Blockbuster Movie [Video]

Blockbusters have become the dominant form of film in the 21st century, telling fantastical tales full of stuff people can only dream of. It’s no secret why they’re so popular; they provide audiences with escapism and are usually prime illustrations of movie magic. As great as many of these works are, there’s no denying that […]

Finding Nemo Gets an Honest Trailer [Video]

Swim along with Disney and Pixar’s most beloved story that spoils its own ending in the title – Finding Nemo! [Screen Junkies]