Band Performs Mario Kart Music While Man Plays the Game [Video]

Too bad they couldn’t reproduce the sound effects, but this is still really cool! [Broc Sam]

The Redneck Avengers: A Bad Lip Reading Video

This is hilarious. In this new prime-time drama, the Redneck Avengers explore the backwaters of obsession, relationships, and crime-fighting in Oklahoma. Now go and get me some Skittles. [Bad Lip Reading]

Marvel Murderers: The Deadliest Killers of Earth [Infographic]

This infographic from Morph Costumes lists some of the deadliest characters from the Marvel universe and their most notable victims. Unsurprisingly, Wolverine and Deadpool are on top of the list. [Source:]

Funko’s New “Inside Out” Blindbox Toy Series

If you do not know what a blindbox is, I will give you a quick schooling. In the world of vinyl toy collectibles, a blindbox is when you buy a toy but have no way of knowing which one it is until you open it. Half the fun of blindboxes is that you never know […]

When Mad Max Gets Mashed Up With Mario Kart [Video]

Oh what a day, what a lovely day for a Go-Kart race! [sundbergkr]

A Brief Summary of Star Wars [Video]

A brief summary of Star Wars, because people on the Internet like it when things are short and simple. [Z. M. S.]

The Story Behind The Flamethrower Guitarist from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Okay, the one thing everyone who walks away from the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie is talking about is the flamethrower guitarist guy. Well, honestly, they are talking a lot about how badass Charlize Theron was, but after that, they talk about flamethrower guy, also known as Doof. You just knew the minute you […]

POGO Releases New Musical Remix: FORGET [Video]

Renowned music producer and remix artist Pogo has just released a new music video featuring sounds and animated sequences for various Disney movies, and as with most of his songs, it will probably get stuck inside your head for a while. [Pogo] Pogo’s latest remix is comprised of sound bites from a wide variety of […]

Fifty Shades of Tubby [Video]

“He was a billionaire with no friends and room full of sorrows. She was a mythical creature in search of a magical ball. But when red on the outside meets red on the inside, someone is in for a rude awakening.” [Source: Ochre Jelly]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save Up to 71% Off on TV Seasons + More Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 71% off on select TV seasons box sets such as The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Arrow, and more! –Save Up to 71% on TV Seasons –64% Off “RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Box Set” –61% Off “Yu-Gi-Oh Classic Complete Series” –60% […]

Peter Dinklage Sings About Game of Thrones [Video]

Game of Thrones: The Musical. For Red Nose Day on NBC, Coldplay and Peter Dinklage join forces for the band’s most important project yet: a musical for HBO’s Game of Thrones. [Coldplay Official]