Make It Real: Man Builds Real-Life Captain America Electromagnet Shield [Video]

From The Hacksmith: We made this awesome electromagnet arm bracer for the Replica Captain America shield, just in time for Captain America: Civil War. It uses a set of lithium-polymer batteries from Hobby King running in series at 72V. This produces 720kg of magnetic force at each electromagnet. That’s over 3000lbs of magnetic lifting force […]


Disneyland Shanghai Gets Tron Lightcycle Ride [Video]

Take a first full ride on the new Tron Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster at Shanghai Disneyland during the soft opening / cast member previews. [Inside the Magic | Via Nerdist]

Supercut: Del Toro in Colors

A short video by filmmaker Quentin Dumas that explores how Guillermo Del Toro uses colors in his movies to suggest symbols or emotions. [Quentin Dumas]

The Evolution of Spider-Man in Television & Film (1967-2016)

Captain America: Civil war is almost here and we are pumped. Last week we featured Captain America, the week before was Iron Man, so this week our video is about everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. [Burger Fiction]

Dancing Stormtroopers Invade Britain’s Got Talent [Video]

The folks from Boogie Storm, a dancing troop from the UK, recently got featured on Britain’s got Talent, and finally made one of Simon Cowell’s dreams come true: Having dancing stormtroopers on the show. [Britain’s Got Talent]

DARK SOULS 3 SONG: Fires Fade by Miracle Of Sound (ft. Sharm) [Video]

Miracle Of Sound & Sharm team up for an epic, orchestral rock tribute to Dark Souls 3 . [Miracle of Sound]

10 Inventions Predicted By The Simpsons

The world’s favorite yellow-skinned, four-fingered family has had a special place in our hearts ever since it leapt onto our screens in 1987. But could The Simpsons actually be way ahead of its time? Alltime10s brings you inventions – from smart-watches to sarcasm detectors – that The Simpsons called ahead of everyone. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t […]

The Lord of the Rings: Random Facts That Every Fan Should Know – Part VI

Previously: Lord of the Rings Random Facts Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 [Source: 9GAG]