Homemade Dancing Baby Groot [Video]

Guardians of the Galaxy fan Patrick Delahanty didn’t wait for the seemingly inevitable official merchandising to get his own dancing baby Groot: I made this using a “Movin’ & Groovin’” flower I got from eBay, cut off the dumb daisy, and covered the stem on felt and twine. My fiancee sculpted the head from Model […]

Robin Williams To Become WoW NPC

Blizzard has confirmed it will meet a request from more than 10,000 World of Warcraft players to add the late Robin Williams as a non-player character. A petition at Change.org explained the relevance of the request: Robin Williams was not only an excellent comedian but also a game enthusiast, he said that he enjoys Warcraft […]

Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman, Will Also Get Solo Film

So, in case you missed it, back in June, Variety pretty much confirmed that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) would portray Aquaman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The LATEST news is this: Warner Bros. has announced that they have hired two writers — Will Beall (Gangster Squad) and Kurt Johnstad (300: Rise of […]

Honest Trailers: The Expendables

The phrase “shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind, but it has its moments nonetheless…

Commander Shepard reads Commander Shepard [Video]

You may already have heard the Mass Effect tribute song “Commander Shepard” by Miracle of Sound, an artist specialising in writing original songs relating to video games. Now we’ve got the next logical step: a dramatic reading of the lyrics by Jennifer Hale, who voices the Commander in the games if you choose to play […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Parody! [Hooked on a Feeling]

Part of the beauty of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is that, unlike some superhero franchise movies, few people take it too seriously. And the makers of this video certainly recognize the element of fun… [Screen Team]

Everything Wrong With Death Race 2000 [Video]

The Cinema Sins crew produce videos listing everything they consider wrong with a particular movie. Sometimes you can argue that it’s a needless nitpicking exercise, but not with their latest video. Death Race 2000 director Roger Corman challenged them to cast their eye over his movie and they’ve now responded.

Star Wars Lightsaber Katana [Video]

The AWE Me team of blacksmiths, who’ve made numerous real-life versions of TV and movie¬†weapons, are starting a new mash-up series. In their first instalment they combine a Star Wars lightsaber with a Japanese katana sword. See more at their Facebook page.

The REAL League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [Video]

Thanks to GaS reader Florian Liedtke for sending us a link to this video he produced for a university project. It’s his take on how the League of Extraordinary Gentleman should have gone, complete with a revised cast list.

Eagles Can’t Solve Everything [LOTR Lego Video]

In the latest of its Lego takes on iconic Lords of the Ring scenes, Brotherhood Workshop explores the question “Why didn’t the Fellowship use the eagles to fly into Mordor?”

Passing Clouds Play Piano [Video]

cloud piano from david bowen on Vimeo. This installation plays the keys of a piano based on the movements and shapes of the clouds. A camera pointed at the sky captures video of the clouds. Custom software uses the video of the clouds in real-time to articulate a robotic device that presses the corresponding keys […]

Lord of the Rings: Gollum’s Song [Ft. The Amazing Peter Hollens]

[Peter Hollens] Great cover of the song that plays over the closing credits of The Two Towers. Check out the YouTube page description for links if you’d like to buy a copy.