The Legend of Zelda Gets a Game of Thrones Style Intro [Video]

A fun Game of Thrones Style intro for the Legend of Zelda… because a hero of time always pays his debts. [The Pixel Kingdom]

Harrison Ford Injured on Set of ‘Episode VII’

Greedo may not have been a problem for Han Solo, but he has met his match with a hydraulic door. The 71-year-old actor was injured at Pinewood Studios in London on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, when a hydraulic door reportedly fell on his ankle, potentially fracturing it. He was airlifted to a […]

RUMOR MILL: A List of DC Movies to be Released Over Next 4 Years

First off: If you don’t know who Nikki Finke is, let me fill you in real quick: Finke is a Hollywood reporter. She was also the founder and editor-in-chief of until 2013, when the website announced her departure. Aside from a journalism resume that is pretty impressive — she’s written for The New York Times, Vanity […]

The Epic Tale of a Young Geek on His Journey to LARPING Kinghood [Music Video]

Follow the journey of a young geek on the path to become the ultimate larp fighter. One of the coolest music video I’ve seen in a while! [Mastodon | Via IO9]

A Cool Rock Cover of the Indiana Jones Theme [Video]

A fun rock cover of the Indiana Jones theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark by Youtuber and [GAS] friend The Human Tim. [The Human Tim]

Honest Trailer: The Lion King [Video]

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Disney animated classic “The Lion King.” Relive the music, the lion lovin’, and the heartbreak that scarred a generation of children. Hakuna matata!! [Screen Junkies]

The Incredible Tale of Marrec the Mariner [Short Film]

Marrec is an old mariner. When he comes back from a fishing party, a boy is waiting for him on the dock. Marrec is going to tell him the story of his most epic catch… [L’Incroyable Marrec]

SPOILER ALERT: Please Stop Giving Everything Away, Hollywood!

Hey TRAILER PEOPLE! Please stop giving away entire movies when releasing movie trailers! [Glove and Boots | Via TA]

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Favorite Disney Movies

Elsa is the first adult Disney princess, this is one of 9 facts in Buzzfeed’s mind-blowing facts compilation about your favorite Disney movies. [Buzzfeed]

The World’s Richest Superheroes [Infographic]

From black panther to Magneto, here are some of the world’s richest superheroes. [Source:]