The Hair-Raising Retro Sci-Fi Tale of a Once Perfect Couple [Video]

1964. An ordinary day turns out to be anything but, when Joe comes home to find out that his wife Betty hasn’t been cooking dinner. And there’s a very good reason for that. [Francesco Calabrese | Via IO9]

Designer Creates ‘Frozen’-Inspired Wedding Gown [PIC]

Now, admittedly, I never got on the Frozen train. I’ve seen it once and only once and have been able to successfully move on with my life. (I’m more of a Tangled girl, personally.) ButĀ for those of you ladies obsessed with the film — especially those of you planning weddings — Disney has partnered with […]

The Matrix Done as an 8-Bit Video Game [Video]

CineFix presents The Matrix retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit ;) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! [CineFix]

Teenage Teenage Teenage Turtles: When the TMNT Act Like Real Teenagers [Video]

Warning: Language. A lot of teens aren’t like that, but I know a few who act exactly that way. Poor splinter. [Dorkly]

Guardians of the Galaxy To Be Released on Blu-Ray for the Holidays

Even though Guardians of the Galaxy is still in theaters to this date, the movie will be released on Blu-Ray/DVD just in time for the holiday season (December 9th, 2014) and is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Needless to say, being the highest grossing film of 2014 ($314,926,408,) I’m pretty sure the movie will […]

Jupiter Ascending Official TRAILER #3 [Best Trailer Yet!]

Finally Jupiter Ascending gets a trailer where we learn a little bit about the storyline of the movie in an organized manner, and it looks really good. In a universe where humans are near the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, a young destitute human woman is targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe […]

Guardians of the Galaxy + Star Wars + Firefly = LEGO Always Shoot First [Video]

A conversation between Peter Quill, Han Solo, and Malcolm Reynolds, discussing the age old question: when is it ok to shoot first? [BrotherhoodWorkshop]

Top 10 Makeup Transformations of All Time (in Movie History) [Video]

From CineFix: Movie makeup can do more than hide imperfections and beautify actors. Well-designed makeup can play a major role in creating a character. These are our top 10 makeup transformations of all time. [CineFix | Via LS]

Forging Iron Man’s Sword – Because Why Not? [Video]

Every other Monday this summer, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be taking some of your favorite characters and items to mash up into brand new hybrid weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, they imagine what it would look like if Iron Man had a sword! [Awe Me]

Everything Wrong With Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Video]

From CinemaSins: Sorry America, we did not love this movie like most of you did. On an unrelated note, we also found TONS of sins in this movie; way more than you were probably expecting. [CinemaSins]

PRINCESS RAP BATTLE: Snow White vs. Elsa [Video]

Warning: Language. Once upon a rhyme… Snow White and Elsa throw down in an epic rap battle. [Whitney Avalon]

How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended [Video]

How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should have ended by the always amazing folks over at HISHE. [HISHE]