Movie Trilogies’ Users and Critics Meta Scores Compared [Infographic]


This infographic by compares how movies from trilogies ranked from the first to the third according to the meta score of users and critics. The line in green represents the users, and the one in yellow, the critics. [Source:]

The Sentimental Sith [Comic]


Another awesome comic by artist Chris Collins. Be sure to check out more of his work over at his website, Nonsense Thoughts. Oh, and be sure to “Like” Nonsense Thoughts on Facebook as well! [Source: Nonsense Thoughts – Chris Collins]

Man Sings Heartfelt Rendition of “Let It Go” [Video]


Is it just me or is this made even more epic by his beard? [via 9gag]

Mark Hamill’s Favorite Star Wars Fan Moments [Video]


Here are some of Mark Hamill’s (Luke Skywalker) favorite Star Wars fan moments. In case you want to see them all in their integrity, I’ll add them below for your viewing convenience. Oh, and thanks to this video, you could win a chance to visit skywalker ranch with a friend! To participate, just follow this […]

What if “Doctor Who” Was an American Show? [Pics]


Tumblr blogger Smug Mode tried to imagine what the 13 incarnations of The Doctor would look like if Doctor Who was an American show, and here is the result. [Source: Smaug Mode | Via]

Luke and Leia Will Never Forgive Their Father [Video]


Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. You must learn to forgive, Luke! [Source: Dorkly]

An Epic Matrix-Like Dubstep Dance Routine by Dragon House [Video]


Watch Androiid, Topnotch, and Dizzy from Dragon House as they perform an impressive dance routine that reminds me a little bit of something you’d see in The Matrix. [WHZGUD2 | Via TA]

Frozen’s “Let it Go” According to Google Translate [Video]


Google translate can really mess things up, especially when you take something in its original language, translate it to another language, and then translate it back to the first language. Ouch. That’s exactly what Malinda Kathleen Reese tried with the song “Let is Go” from Frozen, and here’s the result. [Malinda Kathleen Reese]

A Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights [Pic]

visual guide to comic book rights

Confused as to what movie studio owns which characters? Do you think Disney owns Wolverine, because the X-Men are Marvel? Think again. The Geek Twins have created this handy infographic with a sampling of what characters are owned by whom. [via The Geek Twins]

The Banner Saga (RPG) Medley feat. Taylor Davis and Malukah [Music Video]


A medley of songs from the tactical RPG “The Banner Saga” by the always amazing Malukah and Taylor Davis. Enjoy! [malufenix]

Check Out This Awesome Metal Cover of the Robocop Theme Song [Music Video]


A new awesome metal cover by the Youtube king of geek metal, 331ERock! Enjoy! [331ERock]

Darth Vader’s Facebook Look Back Video


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen it: For its 10th anniversary, the social media platform has started offering an app that generates a “look back” of your entire Facebook history in video form, starting with the very moment you joined, going up until 2014. For the past few days, my personal Facebook feed has been […]