Frozen’s “Let it Go” According to Google Translate [Video]


Google translate can really mess things up, especially when you take something in its original language, translate it to another language, and then translate it back to the first language. Ouch. That’s exactly what Malinda Kathleen Reese tried with the song “Let is Go” from Frozen, and here’s the result. [Malinda Kathleen Reese]

A Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights [Pic]

visual guide to comic book rights

Confused as to what movie studio owns which characters? Do you think Disney owns Wolverine, because the X-Men are Marvel? Think again. The Geek Twins have created this handy infographic with a sampling of what characters are owned by whom. [via The Geek Twins]

The Banner Saga (RPG) Medley feat. Taylor Davis and Malukah [Music Video]


A medley of songs from the tactical RPG “The Banner Saga” by the always amazing Malukah and Taylor Davis. Enjoy! [malufenix]

Check Out This Awesome Metal Cover of the Robocop Theme Song [Music Video]


A new awesome metal cover by the Youtube king of geek metal, 331ERock! Enjoy! [331ERock]

Darth Vader’s Facebook Look Back Video


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen it: For its 10th anniversary, the social media platform has started offering an app that generates a “look back” of your entire Facebook history in video form, starting with the very moment you joined, going up until 2014. For the past few days, my personal Facebook feed has been […]

Back To The Future Marty McFly Costume T-Shirt


Marty McFly’s outfit on a tee! The next best thing after owning the full set of clothes. [Available at]

A 15-Minute Preview of Game of Thrones (Season 4) [Video]


Take a look back and a look forward to the fourth season of the hit HBO series, the show features clips from upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes-footage, interviews with talent, and cast members’ answers to questions posed by fans. And in the meantime, you can always pre-order Season 3, which is coming out on the 18th, on […]

League of Legends – Out of My League: A Fitz and the Tantrums Parody [Music Video]


A new parody from the guys over at The Warp Zone featuring the lovely and hilarious AtomicMari! Be sure to check out Mari’s first episode of Japanese Quiki (Hmmm, that sounds wrong, somehow,) a series of videos teaching the Japanese language to the uninitiated. [The Warp Zone | AtomicMari]

Real Life Technology Predicted By “Star Trek” [Video]


2014 is the space age, apparently. [Buzzfeed]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 32% Off on the New Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection (Blu-Ray + DVD) – $169.99 + FREE Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers the soon to be released Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection (DVD + Blu-Ray + UltraViolet) for just $169.99 plus free shipping. That’s 32% off the collection’s regular list price of $249.99. Please note that this set will come out on Feb. 25th, but you can pre-order […]

Cool Rock Cover of Zelda’s Lullaby / Great Fairy Fountain (Ocarina of Time) [Music Video]


From The Human Tim: Here’s my first tune of 2014! Wanted to kick the year off right with some more music from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time! I’ve been playing these two tunes for a couple months on my acoustic guitar while getting the baby settled in to sleep, and knew I had […]

Let it Go + Space Jam’s “Slam”: Let It Slam!


Because the Internet is truly made of win, DJ Btown mashed up Frozen’s “Let It Go” with Space Jam’s “Slam.” Enjoy your day!