Yu-Gi-Uno: If UNO Was an Anime [Video]

Yep, I’d totally watch this! [JelloApocalypse] Advertisements


Comic Book Origins: Psylocke

Going completely mental means something totally different for this powerful telepath. Join WatchMojo as they explore the comic book origin of Psylocke. [WatchMojo.com]

Man Creates a Real-Life Version of Psylocke’s Psionic Sword [Video]

Inpiring himself from the Newest X-Men flick, Youtuber “The Hacksmith” has recreated a real-life version of Psylocke’s Psionic Sword [the Hacksmith]

METAL Kitchen: Preparing Black Bean Burgers with Linzey Rae

Linzey Rae is back, and this time, she shows us how to prepare black bean burgers at home! [Linzey Rae]

The History of Marvel’s Apocalypse

Apocalypse seemed to come out of nowhere for X-Men movie fans, but true comic fans know Apocalypse has been one of the big baddies over at Marvel comics for a long while. With the power of a God and seething hatred for all things good, he makes a formidable foe for all. But many Marvel […]

Player Two: A Beautiful Short Animated Film About Two Brothers [Video]

Player Two is a short animation that explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond. [Zachary Antell]

How Hollywood Approximates Old Age in Actors VS what actors actually look like when they get old [Video]

A fun video that takes a look at actors who were aged via makeup back whey they were younger versus what they actually look like now. [filminick | Via Sploid]

Star Trek: TNG One-Piece Swimsuits (Now Back in Stock!)

Update: Just a quick update to let you know that the Star Trek: TNG swimsuits are now back in stock over at Thinkgeek, and since a lot of people have complained about the confusing sizing table, the product page now has an updated and easier to understand version! I know a few ladies who’ll be […]