The Revenant as an 8-Bit Video Game

Leo vs. The Bear in an epic 8-bit game battle! No quarters or controllers required! [CineFix] Advertisements


New Pennywise the Clown Revealed For ‘IT’ Remake

Growing up, if you saw the TV movie “It” based on the Stephen King book, there was just something about Pennywise the clown that scarred most of us pretty deeply. Maybe it was the John Wayne Gacy thing. Maybe it was the simple fact that clowns are scary as hell and Tim Curry nailed it. […]

Artist Mashes Up Classic Music Album Covers With Star Wars Characters [Pics]

Check out these amazing illustrations by artist Steven Lear that blend various Star Wars elements (characters and objects) into the covers of classic music albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, In Utero by Nirvana, and a lot more! Une photo publiée par WhyTheLongPlayFace (@whythelongplayface) le 7 Juin 2016 à […]

Epic Middle Earth Blu-ray Set Has Epic Price

The Tolkien movies seem to lend themselves to collector editions, but the latest version goes to a whole new level – with a jaw-dropping price. Released under the title “Middle Earth”, the standard Theatrical Versions Collection is simple enough: the three Hobbit and three Lord of the Rings movies on Blu-ray with no extras, with […]

John Hughes Movie Artwork [Pics]

Artists Sam Carter and Luke Flowers have produced this beautiful set of artworks to celebrate the films of John Hughes. They were part of a recent tribute exhibition at the POPzilla Gallery in Anaheim and are now available to buy as prints or canvases. [Via: GeekTyrant]

3-D Printed Sith Lightsaber [Video]

A lightsaber is perhaps an obvious choice for geeks let loose on a 3D printer, but this Sith model literally adds layers of complexity with a cutaway design to show the weapon’s inner workings. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer yourself, you can download the design files free of charge. [Via: […]

7 Famous Movies That Actually Make No Sense At All

Plot Holes or unexplained questions are nothing new to Hollywood blockbuster, but sometimes, a movie’s logic problems go a lot deeper than dangling plot threads. Sometimes, the movie itself doesn’t make sense, since it’s plot holes are so obvious, audiences are guaranteed to wonder if the filmmakers are trying to trick them. Here is our […]

Marvel vs DC Epic Battle – Fan Made Trailer

What if the most powerful superheroes of Marvel and DC were to fight each other? [Screen Rant]