13 Star Wars Impressions In 148 Seconds

Everyone has surely attempted a Darth Vader or Yoda impression, but Luis Fanco-Bastos, a Portuguese comedian, believes range is what really counts. He’s tried recreating the voices of 13 Star Wars characters of varying prominence and, to be fair, with varying accuracy. [Via: GeekTyrant]

Vincent Van Gogh Animated Oil Painting Biopic

Here’s the trailer for the incredible-looking animated movie about the life on Vincent Van Gogh, Loving Vincent. Rather than use hand or computer drawings, the animation is made up of 12 oil paintings for every second of footage, produced by more than 100 painters. [Via: This Is Colossal]

Harley Quinn Table Lamp

You’ll have to wait until July to take delivery of this lamp, complete with 20-inch leg and full-size shade. One particularly neat feature is that the leg lights up (with an included type C bulb) as well as the lamp itself. Pre-order from Entertainment Earth.

The Littlest Dogmeat [Video]

Thanks to Angry Katte Gaming for sending us this wonderfully silly mash-up of canine entertainment old and new.

Epic Korean Deadpool Flash Mob [Video]

Check out this super entertaining Deadpool flash mob organized by the folks from K-Tigers. [K-Tigers TV]

Mariachi-Style Cover of the Throne Room Theme from Star Wars: A New Hope [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Throne Room theme from Star Wars: A New Hope by the folks from San Antonio, Texas-based band Mariachi Entertainment System. [Mariachi Entertainment System]

When Terminator Meets The Walking Dead [Theme Songs Mashup]

A fantastic soundtrack cover medley of The Walking Dead and Terminator by professional musician Jason Yang. [JasonYangViolin]

‘Gods of Egypt’ Review

The basic is, it is what you thought it would be. Gods of Egypt is big and shiny and has some cool moments, but is marred by a ridiculous amount of CG and pageantry. Via DenofGeek. Gods of Egypt often becomes overpowered by its attempt to create something so epic in scale that it makes […]

Batman Reacts to Deadpool [Video]

After seeing the Deadpool movie, Batman thinks maybe his next movies should be rated R as well! [The Warp Zone]

Chewbacca Screams Like a Terrified Teenage Girl [Video]

Chewie screams in terror after seeing a scary man! [Tal Prints | Via LS]

This LEGO Death Star was Made from Over 500,000 Bricks! [Video]

That’s right, over half a million LEGO bricks! This scene was built over at Legoland Windsor in the UK to reproduce the battle scene where the Rebel Alliance attacked the Death Star in A New Hope. I visited Legoland Orlando (Florida) last summer, and while the models there were absolutely stunning, there was nothing as […]