From The Warp Zone: We enlist the help of our friends TJ Smith, Brizzy Voices, and Meghan Murphy to tackle the most epic Star Wars movie music to date: Duel of the Fates. This theme song scored the epic lightsaber battle of Obi-Wan Kenobi & Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul from Star Wars prequal episode […]


HONEST TRAILER: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back [Video]

Get ready for a sequel so good, its title is used to describe other good sequels – The Empire Strikes Back! [Screen Junkies]

The Day Snake and Ghost Saved Christmas [Video]

Snake and Ghost are finally back together again and this time they’re using their skills to help save Christmas. Santa has been captured and the holiday season looks to be in jeopardy unless our heroes can save the day. Loads of action, bad puns and a shotgun toting Santa ensure that this short film will […]

The World of Tomorrow: A Post-Apocalyptic Supercut That Gives a Very Bleak Vision of the Future

A Tribute to the Post-Apocalyptic Cinema. Films Used: – Mad Max Fury Road – I Am Legend – The Book of Eli – The Road – Oblivion – Priest – Los últimos días – Carriers – 28 Days Later – Children of Men – 12 Monkeys – The Day After Tomorrow – Dawn of the […]

These Loungefly Star Wars Rogue One Bags are STUNNING!

Looking for the perfect gift for that very special Star Wars fan in your life? Thinkgeek has just started selling these absolutely GORGEOUS Rogue One bags by Loungefly that could help you carry those Death Star plans after you’re done stealing them. Pictured Above: Rebel Canvas & Vegan Leather Backpack. Below: Rebel vs. Empire Twill […]

The Starship Gingerprise [Pic + Video]

Remember the scene at the end of Star Trek: Generations where the Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) crashes on Veridian III? In honor of the scene, Redditor ejustice created The Starship Gingerprise, a gingerbread creation that recreates the crash featured in the movie. After seeing this, another Redditor used the picture and included it in the actual footage […]

Darth Vader Balances on The Death Star While Playing Flaming Bagpipes [Video]

Watch as Brian Kidd , also known as “The Unipiper” on the Internet, plays a set of flaming bagpipes while balancing on top of the Death Star. You’re welcome. [The Unipiper]

10 Star Wars Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

From The Force Awakens crossover references, to all the best Wilhelm screams, AllTime10’s brings you 10 Star Wars Easter Eggs you never noticed. [AllTime10s]