Star Wars Landspeeder replica looks just like the real thing

This Star Wars Landspeeder replica was designed by a very talented dude named Daniel Deutsch. The near-perfect masterpiece was built from scratch using molded fiberglass and mounted on a custom aluminum chassis. The vehicle is powered by an electric drive system, which can take its passenger near light speed (or 25 mph). Additional pictures after […]

Uwe Boll’s Postal 11-minute Preview

Ok, before I say anything, try to watch the full 11 minutes of this thing, and we’ll talk after. Big screen adaptation of video games are usually awful, and up to now, Uwe Boll has always taken “awful” to the next level. Can anyone think of a movie of his that was actually just “decent”? […]

New Star Wars MP3 player lets you groove to the Dark Side

Offered by online retailer Forbidden Planet international, the Star Wars MP3 player features a slick, black design, 512MB of internal memory and an integrated FM radio. Unfortunately, at $80, this piece of the Dark Side comes with a very hefty price tag. My guess is that only hardcore Star Wars geeks will be interested in […]

World War 2045: A War of Robots

Created by a Vincent Chai, a student of the University of Hertfordshire, World War is a short CGI film featuring two transforming robots fighting in Hiroshima, Japan, exactly 100 years after the end of World War II. Enjoy the show! [Via DVice | Albotas]

Pandora Not Long for this World?

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] For years I’ve been an off and on user of Pandora.  The “on” times are because Pandora is a very impressive music delivery system that just about reads your mind.  The “off” times are because I’m not really much for radio.  All of this may be moot, though, as […]

Hardcore Batman fan builds his own Batmobile ‘Tumbler’

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] So you think you’re a big Batman fan eh?   Well you’ve got some serious catching up to do my friend because Bob Dullam has been spending some serious cash on building his own Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ – up to $70,000 worth – and he hasn’t even started on the interior […]

Bad News: The Galactic Empire has taken over California

Good News: There’s a -reason- they elected the Terminator as governor. Video after the jump.

The Strangest Clip Ever Made

A while ago, Nokia launched a site that featured a strange box that could be unlocked by solving various puzzles. When opened, the box promised to present “The Weirdest Clip Ever Made”. Well folks, the mysterious clip has just been released to the public, and I must admit, it may really be one of the […]