Roku Review – Bringing Netflix to your TV

My wife bought me a Roku for Christmas, which is a player that lets us instantly watch Netflix movie and television shows on our 57-inch LCD Samsung HDTV. I heard of Roku almost a year ago, but it had slipped my mind. So when I was opening the gift, my initial thought was that this […]

Helpless: A New Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Video by Keith Loutit

Remember Keith Loutit, that talented Australian photographer we featured a few times here on [GAS] for his amazing work with time-lapse videos? To our greatest joy, Keith released yet another masterpiece a few weeks ago, and as usual, we had to share it with you. This one is named “Helpless” and features the daily activity […]

Doctor Who Trades in for a Younger Model

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Earlier today, the Doctor Who team made the announcement that fans have been waiting for: the identity of the Eleventh Doctor, due to take up the reins in 2010 after David Tennant steps away from the TARDIS. 26-year-old Matt Smith will be the youngest Doctor ever, ahead of Peter […]

Doctor Who Meets Captain Kirk

A brilliantly-edited mashup by Kelvington injects Doctor Who into the Star Trek universe. As this Christmas episode is only part one, I assume we have more to look forward to. See more sci-fi mashups at Kelvington’s site. [Via Neatorama]

Cutest Star Wars Tusken Raider Doll Ever!

Hmmm, not that Tusken Raiders can be cute, but if they could, I suppose this is what they would look like. This custom-made Munny doll is made by toy customizer and 3D-artist Squapper. I have no idea if this is his real name, but it’s the one he goes by while online. Here’s what he […]

OPPO BDP-83: A Truly Universal Blu-Ray Player

You may not have heard of the company, but among audio- and videophiles “in the know,” Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer, reigns as a “best bargain” champ among very high-performance disc-player brands. The company makes a noted effort to include high-quality parts and better-than-usual engineering designs to maximize both audio and video quality, plus, uses extensive […]

Sony Debuts Silly New Movie and Music “Format”

By Will Sullivan, Contributing Writer, [GAS] Alright, this seems silly to me: Sony is debuting movies and music on a new “format”: the ubiquitous USB flash drive. For about $30.00 for the 4GB drive ($20.00 for the 2GB version), you too can own a movie or some tunes AND add to the growing amount of […]

“The Craft of War: BLIND” will “WOW” you!

Being on the Net almost daily searching for new content, I regularly stumble upon game-based fan-created films, and most of the time, they suck real bad. But once in a while, I end up on a real gem, something that just WOWs me with its polish and originality. This is certainly the case with “The […]