George Lucas To Release Star Wars Films On 3D

It’s been rumoured for a couple of years now, but it appears George Lucas is finally putting together a 3D package of all Star Wars films to be released on to DVD. recently spoke with DreamWorks Animations CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg on Tuesday, who informed them that Lucas is very excited about the project, and […]

StumbleAudio lets you find new music – but for how long?

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] As I’ve pointed out before, it’s inevitable that when a successful website pops up, clones start forming around it to ride piggyback on its success, most of the clones being mediocre to say the least.   But I have to say that I like the latest Stumbleupon clone that has […]

Millennium Falcon Cake would make any geek cry for joy

Edit: Please note that we’ve been asked to remove the pictures from the page by the owner of said pictures. These pictures have been widely distributed through the blogosphere, and no harm was intented by posting them here. On the contrary, we wanted to promote the company that made the product since their culinary artwork […]