Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen Super Bowl Trailer

Here’s the awesome 30-second Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen Trailer that ran during the Super Bowl game last night. It has everything to catch our attention: Explosions, evil robots, and even our friend Megan Fox, the wanna-be geekette. [Via Gizmodo] Advertisements


Get ready for “A-Team: the movie” coming to the big screen

By Johnny Daniels Contributing Writer, [GAS] I am about to start crying now that one of my favourite childhood TV programmes is about to be chopped and diced into little pieces by the Hollywood money machine. Is nothing sacred in this world anymore? Come on Mr. T, start busting some heads! Variety is reporting that […]

The Amazing AstroGirl!

Directly out of Japan, here comes the amazing AstroGirl! Terrible acting, terrible special effects, and terrible fighting. But strangely, you just can’t stop watching it! More terrible excerpts after the jump.

The Thing + GI Joes = Awesome

What do you get when you mix the 1982 gut-wrenching horror classic “the thing” with a bunch of old-school GI Joe characters? This is what you get: [Via Neatorama]

Monty Python YouTube channel results in 23,000% jump in sales?

By Johnny Daniels Contributing Writer, [GAS] It’s being claimed that the Monty Python YouTube channel, which shows various clips from the Monty Python sketches, has resulted in a staggering 23,000% jump in Python DVD sales.┬áIs there a bit of serious number massaging going on here or is it total vindication on the part of those […]

New Fanboys Movie Clip – Burn It!

Stand back everyone, or Yoda gets it!

Thursday Geeky Pics: Stormtroopers on Parade!

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Welcome to a special Thursday edition of Geeky Pics! To make up for the lateness, this set of pics is extra large, and extra Stormtrooper-y. These guys might look the same on the outside, but it turns out that some of them have some interesting quirks. Daddy Trooper

Ackbar: The Star Wars Talk Show

Yes folks, as you’ll soon realize after watching this installment of Admiral Ackbar’s talkshow, the Skywalkers are the trashiest family in the galaxy. And yes, that even includes the trash monster from episode IV. Warning: Contains strong language.