New Star Trek Movie Trailer

If you went to see Quantum of Solace this weekend, chances are you’ve also seen the whole new Star Trek movie trailer. For those who didn’t have this chance, we have it right here, courtesy of some unknown villain who shot the whole thing with a mobile device. Enjoy! Advertisements


Geeky Fan Art: 7 Amazing Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures

There’s a lot of bad fan art out there. Wannabe artists agonize for hours over portraits of their favorite celebrities, characters and settings that exist only in fiction. I’ve seen many poorly rendered anime drawings and pastel portraits of young Anakin Skywalker, but sometimes, you come across fan art that truly honors the originals. Here […]

New Watchmen Trailer Will Rock your Socks Off

A new Watchmen trailer has just been released. Check it out: I still can’t understand why this one wasn’t included in the “50 biggest movies of 2009” list. Watchmen is going to be THE movie of 2009 for geeks. Still four months to wait… sigh.

Holy Lawsuits, Batman!

By Chip “Sterling” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Or maybe that should be “holey”, as in full of holes. The mayor of Batman, Turkey (yes, there is such a place) plans to sue Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan (director of “The Dark Knight”) for use without permission of the city’s name.  He claims to have evidence […]

Alien: The Brick Edition [Pictures]

I’ve always been amazed by the creative genius of artists who use lego to re-create the things that surround them. In the past, we’ve featured people that used the medium to represent classic photos, video games scenes, and even music album art. Today, we’ll show you sci-fi fans who made up various incarnations of the […]

The 50 biggest movies of 2009 lineup

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] 2008 has been a great year for movie lovers.   The biggest movie has undoubtedly been The Dark Knight but on top of that, you can also add James Bond, Indiana Jones, and the X Files sequel. But now, all attention is turning to what is coming out next year […]

What if the Matrix Ran on Windows?

The Matrix runs on Windows??? Thank god humanity is saved!

Geektastic Star Wars A Capella Performance

Created by geek-extraordinaire performer Corey Vidal as a tribute to Star Wars and John Williams, this a capella performance is one of the most geeky and entertaining thing I’ve seen in long time. [Via MUO]