New G.I. Joe Movie Trailer is an orgy of exaggerated, awesome visual effects

Explosions, guns, gadgets, ninjas, over-muscled, steroid-pumped heroes? Hell yeah! G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra could possibly be one of the most awaited summer movie for geeks who grew up in the 80’s. From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation […]


New Star Trek 2009 Preview

Yikes! Being in the place of Kirk in this scene, I think I’d totally wet my pants. For those who missed it, this short sneak preview was aired during LOST’s last episode on Wednesday night.

New Transformers 2 trailer – Now in HD

Yeah, the new transformers 2 trailer we showed you guys yesterday kind of sucked quality-wise, so here it is again, but this time, in HD. Enjoy!

New Transformers 2 trailer leaked online

Yep folks, another Transformers 2 trailer has been leaked on the web. This one lets us glimpse at a few new scenes and reveals a little more of the movie’s storyline. Enjoy!

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Welcome to a place with no logic. [via Bits and Pieces]

Rajini “The Ass Kicking Machine” Kanth

Pathetic, yet hilariously awesome. Don’t you just love stuff like this?

Next-gen disk capacity 10 times bigger than Blu-ray

General Electric has revealed that it’s created a 500GB optical disk. That’s 10 times the capacity of a Blu-ray disc, and enough room for the content from almost 60 movie DVDs. Right now, the technology is simply at the stage where it can be proven to work in a lab setting. It’s likely to be […]

The Amazing Beatbox Kid

This kid is probably the best human beatbox I’ve ever heard, and yes, that’s even better than James “The AudioPoet” Burchfield, that beatbox guy that performed at TED last year.