A Keyboard… How Quaint

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] CNET News reports that this week’s ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology could reveal some interesting new developments in the area of computer interfaces. But is it time to abandon the mouse and keyboard for Star Trek levels of speech input technology? Maybe not just yet. According […]

Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” Dude Interviewed

In the following video, Microsoft engineer Sean Siler explains how he came to be the real “PC” guy inside Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign. Seeing him like that goes to show that yes, Apple does indeed try to make people think that PC users look like a stereotype.

Microsoft Hires Boy Band to Promote Windows 7 and PDC 2008

To promote the upcoming Professional Developer Conference (PDC 2008) and announce that attendees will get a free Windows 7 pre-loaded 160GB hard drive, Microsoft has filmed the following clip, that, shall we say, will leave you with a really bad taste in the mouth. Lyrics after the jump.

Steve “The Clown” Ballmer is a PC

Now that you’ve all seen the new “I’m a PC” ad from Microsoft, I’m sure that we can all agree that this commercial was much more efficient in driving its point across compared to the “Seinfeld and Gates” joke. Even though part of the ad was made using a Mac, it’s no secret that PCs […]

Microsoft Releases First “I’m a PC” Ad

Microsoft has launched its “I’m a PC” ad campaign last night, and compared to what they have done with their “Seinfeld and Gates” commercials, this ad really drives a point home. It seems that PC users are not at all like what Apple would like people to believe, and some of them can even be […]

The Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Show – Take Two!

While I thought the first ad was really disappointing, this one is pretty hilarious, even though once again, apparently pointless. But wasn’t Jerry’s original show supposed to be based around this kind of stuff, meaning nothing? I guess that the message behind the ad must be about how Microsoft is a people company, and that […]

First Seinfeld + Gates Microsoft Ad is Utterly Pointless

Before saying anything, watch as Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates make total fools of themselves. Now is it only me, or are you guys also thinking that this is utterly pointless? I know that Microsoft and Mr. Gates are astronomically rich, but they could at least try to spend their money on something that would […]

XP’s Nagware to Get an Upgrade [Oxymoron?]

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Mary-Jo Foley has posted an interesting bit of news about Microsoft’s most popular OS.  Nope, not Vista, silly, Windows XP.  It seems that Microsoft is planning a roll-out of a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage for XP.  If the update thinks you’ve got a pirated version of XP, […]