This is What you Get: Custom Windows / Linux Box vs. Mac

Notice how I avoided writing “PC” in the headline so that all you trolls can’t remind me that a Mac is in fact a PC. Now let the flame war begin! Advertisements


Tip of the Day: How to Quickly Open the Windows System Properties Window

Tired of always going back to the desktop or the start menu to open your system’s Windows system properties window? Here’s a quick way to do it: Hold the Windows key of your keyboard down, and then press the pause / break key. Voilà!

Thoughts on Going PC: A Decade-Long Mac User Makes Peace with Microsoft

My post from a few weeks ago, detailing why I’d decided to switch to a PC from a Mac, really got some of your blood boiling. While there were a few folks utterly aghast at my decision to nix the shiny world of Apple for the starker, more sterile world of Microsoft, on the whole, […]

Angry Birds: Angry Tweets

The company behind Angry Birds has reacted with, if not anger, at least mild irritation to Microsoft allegedly using the game’s logo without permission. The dispute was prompted by the official launch site for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 series, which gets its official unveiling today. In the section detailing the various features available on […]

Hilarious Microsoft Kinect Spoof Videos

Xbox Kinect GTA 5 Immersion hits an all-time high with the release of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 Kinect. Part video game, part criminal simulation, this adrenaline-packed experience lets you live and die by your real-life expertise. Pick locks, fight gangsters, and aim true in the most fun way to build a rap […]

BEHOLD: Outlook 2010’s Generic User Icon [PIC]

Well, well, well… seems like someone at Microsoft has a great sense of humor! Did Redmond use Bill Gates’ infamous mug shot as the base of the generic user icon in Outlook 2010? It certainly looks like it! [Via]

Double Rainbow Guy Stars in Microsoft Ad

Anyone else here thinks he’s not as convincing in this as in his original video? I mean, no sobbing, no crying… how disappointing is that?

IE9 Screen Shot: Looks like Chrome?

A little earlier today, it seems that Microsoft Russia accidentally posted what appears to be an IE9 screen shot on its press site. The picture was quickly taken down, but fortunately, someone was fast enough to grab it in time. Check it out: Looks a little like Chrome doesn’t it? In the meantime, we’ll have […]