Realistic Spider-Man [Comic]

Another awesome and right on the spot comic by The Oatmeal! [Source The Oatmeal]

How I Resist Food Temptation [Comic]

That’s totally me this week. There was a huge special on Ben and Jerry ice cream and I bought way too many of it for my own good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and finish that chocolate fudge brownie cup I left in the freezer… and then go and run 5 […]

Honest Trailer: Forrest Gump

From Screen Junkies: Forrest Gump was released 20 years ago this week, so we decided to revisit the classic film that captured the heart of a nation – and beat Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption for Best Picture. For real. [Screen Junkies]

Must-Watch Short Film: Team Fortress 2 – Expiration Date [Video]

Engineer and Medic make an unsettling new discovery while experimenting with the teleporter. Meanwhile, Scout stops insulting Spy long enough to ask him an embarrassing favor; the Administrator’s clerical assistant/cleaner/murder expert Miss Pauling races to bury some incriminating bodies; and Soldier makes a new metal friend. Since its release as part of the Orange Box […]

Man Inserts Dog into Classic Jurassic Park Scene [Video]

Here’s 15 seconds of “what might have been” if a giant breed of bulldog existed in ages long forgotten. Now I want to see the whole thing done with giant dogs, with velociraptors being replaced by Chihuahuas. [alienufosarereal]

Son, I Need Help With the Computer [Comic]

Been there, done that. [Source: The Odd 1’s Out Comic | Via Faildesk]

Fartzenegger : The Most Ridiculous Schwarzenegger Compilation Ever

Warning: Highly juvenile humor, language. Behold, Arnold is back with a vengeance ready to unleash his “inner” rage. [Source: DistractotronChannel]

Cutezilla: When a Scientist’s Pet Project Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]

A fake movie trailer made entirely from stock footage from [Dissolve on Vimeo | | Via IO9]

‘The Book of Mormon’ Comes to South Park in Fan-Made Video

I saw Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s The Book of Mormon in Los Angeles back in April, and I was literally thinking the other day how much I would love a Book of Mormon movie. Ironically, I never once thought of said movie being animated! But thank goodness Simon Chong did! [via Nerdist]

GAS Talks to Comedian Myq Kaplan of the ‘Comedy Mutant’ Tour!

Two weeks ago, the 14th annual Phoenix Comicon hit the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Comedians Brian Posehn, Myq Kaplan, and Mike Drucker were there, performing nerdcentric material as part of their Comedy Mutant Tour. Geeks Are Sexy sat down with Kaplan to discuss comic books, music, and his “accidentally on purpose” fall into […]

A Look At Future Batman Movies: From 2016 to 2027 [Video]

A fun glimpse at some potential Batmen of the future by our pals over at ADHD… because I’m Batman. [ADHD]