Save the Trees! [Comic]

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ Cosplay Taken To New Heights, Literally

I do not know who he or she is. I do not know how they got out there. I do not know how they intend to get down. I just know Reddit is all about this dude today and figured a few of you Assassin’s Creed fans just might get a kick out of this […]

The Imaginary Friend [Comic]

Plot twist: He did not have an imaginary friend, only imaginary parents. [Source: Optipess Comics | Like Optipess on Facebook | Follow Optipess on Twitter]

Armageddon Gets the “Honest Trailer” Treatment [Video]

Strap in for a mega-dose of Michael Bay-hem in 1998’s second movie about a giant rock hurtling towards Earth from outer space – Armageddon!! [Screen Junkies]

Tender = Tinder and the Modern Dating Scene in a Nutshell [Video]

To comment on the current dating “market,” four students from Leiden University created “Tender,” an art installation that uses a piece of meat to “swipe right” automatically on a simulated version of the Tinder dating app. Yep, it seems that this is what the “meat market” is all about these days. [Marcello Gómez Maureira I]

Chris Pratt Gets Drunk, Shows Us How to Succeed at Acting [VIDEO]

Chris Pratt is currently on the cover of GQ. But what may surprise you is that Pratt loves him some Fireball Whisky. So at the end of his photo shoot, he was kind enough to offer tidbits on how to act, in between consuming an entire bottle of Fireball. Enjoy, and you’re welcome. [via GQ]

Riker: A Hilarious Fan-Made TNG Spin-Off [Video]

From Youtuber gazorra: Riker gets his own TV show, and some of it will haunt your dreams (nightmares). [gazorra]

The Irony of Nick Fury Being Bald [Comic]

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Lego Builder Martin Raynsford Builds Flamethrower Guy From ‘Fury Road’

So I get an email last week from a guy named Martin Raynsford. Seems he saw my post about the flamethrower guy from Fury Road. That very post ended with me saying: someone please make an action figure of this,  stat! While Martin may not have had the means to do that, he came pretty […]

Can you Fix my Computer? [Comic]

And that’s exactly the same situation as when people ask IT guys to fix their television or repair a defective photocopier. [Source: The Odd 1’s Out Comics! | Follow “The Odd 1’s Out” on Twitter]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted [Video]

The newest episode of Epic Rap Battle of History features Lewis and Clark agains Bill and Ted. Not bad, but far from being the best ERB they’ve released. [ERB]