UP-DO’S: They’re Not Just for Ladies Anymore! [Pics]

pretty styles_long haired men 4_featured image

…because sometimes, men want to feel pretty, too! [via imgur]

YOU JUST GOT RAPTOR’D: Japan Steps Up the Prank Game [Video]


Listen: If you were just minding your own business in a hallway or office building and you saw a bunch of people run screaming, I’m not so sure you’d see the obviously-human legs sticking out of the dinosaur body, either. Your move, Other Countries. [via io9]

Game of Hearts: A Romantic Game of Thrones Comedy Trailer Starring Sansa and Tyrion [Video]


What if Game of Thrones was a Romantic Comedy? Here’s the trailer. [Bohunkus Pictures | Via The Mary Sue]

Batman and Miley Cyrus [Comic]


[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

Thorgi: Dog of Thunder [Pic]


We’ve showed you corgis larping at the beach, corgies dressed as Link, Serenity, and even as a Jedi, and now, in honor of the upcoming Thor 2 movie, here’s a corgi cosplaying as Thor! [Via]

Every Tech Commercial Ever [Video]


Yep, that about sums it up! [CH]

Duck Tales Theme Parody: Fix Anything with Duct Tape! [Video]


The world’s handiest tool gets its own theme song, thanks to The Warp Zone and Duck Tales. And lest you arrived here confused, it’s duct tape, not duck tape. (Unless you’re talking about Duck brand duct tape, in which i will begrudgingly let it pass.) [via laughing squid]

Now You Can Get Buried in Bacon Thanks to the Bacon Coffin


If you love bacon to death and got clogged arteries thanks to the delicious meat, here’s a coffin you might consider getting buried in: The Bacon Coffin! Is there a better way to show your love of bacon forever than to be buried wrapped in it? We don’t think so. This genuine bacon casket is […]

Star Drunk: A Short Sci-Fi Film Written and Acted by Drunk People


Star Drunk is a short sci-fi film that was written and acted by drunk people. Yep, written drunk. Acted drunk. Star Drunk is the sequel to the viral short film ‘Cleverbot: Do You Love Me.’ Star Drunk is an experiment in writing a short film while drunk; several writers from Portland got together one night […]

Über Nerds Vandalize Car With the Power of Math [Vine Video]


I almost spewed coffee all over my screen when I first watched this. Don’t forget to unmute the audio on the player below! [Jack and Jack]

Gollum Auditions For Key Roles in Movies [Video]


Watch as Gollum auditions for key roles in various classic movies such as Forrest Gump, The Silence of the Lamb, and plenty of others. Funny stuff. [Ijameswalters]

WTF Japan: Craziest Horse Racing Game EVER [Video]


Japan World Cup 3 is apparently a horse racing game, but as is often the case with stuff that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, the whole thing will only make you shake you head in puzzlement. [Via]