Game of Thrones Ad Super Fail [Pic]

[Via Neatorama | Twitter]

Game of Thrones Spoilers: The Ultimate Way to Keep Your Students Quiet

A high school teacher in Belgium uses an amazingly creative method to keep his students quiet: Game of Thrones spoilers. A few months back he asked his students whom among them watched the series, to which most replied by raising their hands. He then proceeded to deliver the ultimate threat: “Well, I’ve read all the […]

BIG T-SHIRT SALE: Hundreds of Super Geeky T-Shirts For Sale!

My friends over at the Neatoshop are having a BIG t-shirt sale right now and are offering HUNDREDS of geektastic t-shirts at just $14.95 each! Here are some of my favorite designs: [Hundreds of Super Geeky T-Shirts For Sale!]

Disney Movies Retold Through Haiku [Pics]

Thanks to Buzzfeed, here are 21 Disney movies retold through Haiku poetry. Haikuna matata! [Source: Buzzfeed | Via IC]

Beat It Done Misty Mountains Cold Style [Video]

I first thought that the whole thing wouldn’t work, but surprisingly, it does! [Auralnauts | Via TMS]

The GTA 5 Multiplayer Experience Resumed [Video]

Yep, looks pretty accurate to me! [Jameserton | Via]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson in Slow Motion [Video]

I’m just glad he doesn’t sound like that in real life because very few people would take him seriously. [SciFactsful | Via TA]

How Many John McClane Would It Take To Survive Through Die Hard 1 to 5? [Video]

From Screen Junkies: John McClane made it through Die Hard in 4 lives – how many does he need to finish all five movies?! We closed out the Die Hard saga and asked a real doctor to find out! [Screen Junkies]

Skeletor Want to Heal YOU! [Picture Gallery]

It’s a fact: Skeletor is a great guy, and he loves you all. Today, our skull-faced friend wants to help you succeed in life and feel better about yourself through a few words of wisdom. [Soure: Health Thyself, Skeletor | Via IO9]

Batman in Classic Movie Scenes [Part 3]

Warning: Language. Thanks to the guys over at Pistol Shrimps, Batman and Bane are back once again to ruin your favorite movies! [PistolShrimps]