Nerdy Love Song With Bonus Kitten [Music Video]


I wanna be your abacus baby you can count on me and I won’t say that I love you or I heart you, but I will say less than 3, I less than 3 you Your molecules must be moving really quickly ’cause girl, you’re hot. Are you igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary? All I know […]

8-Bit Top Gun: The Idiot Edition [Video]


Jonny Karnage gives Tipler an important mission… in a sort-of-semi-tribute to the late great Tony Scott :) Thanks Jamie! [teaandcheese]

Wookiees in Real Life [Pictures]


Didn’t you know? Wookiees actually exist! For REAL! Just check out these amazing pictures capturing our furry friends in real-life situations by Oregon-based photographer Mako Miyamoto. [Mako Miyamoto (Neon Werewolf) | Via LS]

Beard Facts


[Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

Relativity [Comic]


It’s commonly believed that Lorentz contraction makes objects appear flatter along the direction of travel. However, this ignores light travel times. In fact, a fast-moving butt would appear rotated toward the observer but not substantially distorted. Shakira was right. [Source: XKCD]

For July 4th: Chewbacca sings the American National Anthem [Video]


I’m so sorry. Happy July 4th to all our American readers! :) [wwideinterweb | Via]

“A Character I Used to Know”: A Game of Thrones / Gotye Parody [Video]


“But you didn’t have to kill them off! George R.R. Martin, why are you such a sadistic bastard?!…” (SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!) [notliterally / Source: YouTube]

DISNEY DUDEZ: Disney Princes Form a Boy Band! [feat. Todrick Hall]

disney dudez

Maybe it’s my age (and my “more adult” music tastes), but I’ve never heard of the boy band IM5, but Todrick Hall never disappoints! [todrickhall / Source: YouTube]

The Origin and Science Behind the Hadouken


Watch as the How It’s Played show unveils the origin and science behind the famous Hadouken move from Street Fighter. HADOUKEN. [happyhour]

PRETTY, PRETTY PRINCESS: Poor Chap Finds His Room Madeover in Elaborate Prank [Video + Pics]

after prank 1

Tom left for two months. This is what his room looked like. Tom also has roommates. Tom’s roommates give his room a makeover, while he is away. Tom will never leave for an extended period of time ever again. And here is a short video, chronicling the whole “drab to fab” makeover! [via Apartment Therapy]

The Alphabetical 26-Genre Song [Video]


One song, 26 letters of the alphabet, 26 genres. Warning: Video flashes rather annoyingly between 2:21 and 2:28. We hadn’t heard of a lot of these either. Who wants to start a badass Quan Ho band? [Andrew Huang]