Bill Nye Makes Fun of Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Nature of Consciousness [Video]

Just look at Neil deGrasse Tyson’s face right after Bill Nye intervenes in the conversation. I don’t think he finds the joke all that funny. [Neil deGrasse Tyson Videos]

Top Ten TV Nerds

Nerds on TV have always been sort of hit-or-miss. You either see a show where a nerd is properly represented, or you see a character like Urkel, who epitomizes everything pop culture has wrong about nerds. Thankfully, over the last decade (with the meek inheriting the Earth and all), the way nerds have been represented […]

The Day Link Got on a Plane [Video]

Bringing Link aboard a plane might not be such a good idea… [The Warp Zone]

Honest Game Trailer: Resident Evil

From Smosh Games: From the company whose idea of a next gen Mega Man is putting him in Smash Bros, comes the first game in the franchise that defined survival horror, then turned into a comedy – Resident Evil. [Smosh Games]

Adorable Game of Hide-and-Seek with a Winter White Ermine

A man in Michigan was walking the woods recently when he had what could very well be called an adorable encounter with a rarely spotted wild animal. The Winter White Ermine is actually a fancy name for a stark white, short tailed weasel, but few can deny just how adorable this video is. It is […]

Sleeping In [Comic]

[Source: Sara Zimmerman – Unearthed Comics | Like “Unearthed Comics” on Facebook]

Dorkly Comic: Superheroes with Incomplete Super Powers [Comic]

If you ever get a superpower, what are the chances that a second power develops at the same time to counteract the negative effects of the first power? A fantastic comic by artist JHALL From Dorkly! [Source: Dorkly | JHALL Comics]

Bad Lip Reading: The NFL 2015 Edition [Video]

Anything related to the NFL might not be all that geeky, but bad lip reading videos always make me laugh, so here you go. I think my face is happier fuzzy. [Bad Lip Reading]

Bill Gates and Jimmy Fallon do Processed Poop Water Taste Test [Video]

In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Bill Gates challenged Jimmy Fallon to drink a glass of poop water that was processed through the Omniprocessor, a machine that turns sewer sludge into regular, clean drinking water. To learn more about the Omniprocessor, you can see the machine in action at this […]