“Mean Cats,” a “Mean Girls” Parody [Video]

Mean Girls…kitty cats…the parody just writes itself! [via E! Online]

Dorkly Comics: 3 Movies Made Nicer

3 movies made nicer by Tony Wilson from Dorkly. I especially like “The Empire Nices Back.” Bringing more joy to the world is always a good idea!

This Geek Hates Big Bang Theory With a Passion, Do You?

We’ve occasionally posted about The Big Ban Theory here on Geeks are Sexy, and each time we do, a certain number of you start vehemently protesting against the show. The opinions are pretty mixed though, some like it as light entertainment, and other see TBBT as something that anyone with a head on his shoulder […]

The Best Game Sistum According to Kids Aged 7-9 [Video]

Hey, my cuzent came over to play with my Xbox one too! Thack you for lisning to my story! And I disagree, the Wii isn’t the best sistum, even though it has Netflix, Enternet, and Amozon on it. I think I should ask my kids to write something for this guy, I’m pretty sure they’d […]


He has the powers of more than twenty five different anime heroes! Ultimate Anime Hero is the hero anime deserves! Also: Sorry, Bleach fans. We love you. [ADHD]

The Ultimate Nerd Night [Pic]

There are a few things missing from this picture: a few cans of Mountain Dew Cheetos and any drink featured in this list: Six Geeky Drinks for the Dungeons and Dragons Table. From an Anonymous Imgur user: My girlfriend texted me asking just what it is my friends and I do during our monthly “Nerd […]

How to Make a Superhero Movie in 10 Easy Steps

“Iron Man 3,” “Man of Steel,” and “The Wolverine” didn’t match up to the superhero blockbusters of 2012. What did they miss that “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” got right? [Slacktory | Via Blastr]

Superman, The Doctor, And Phone Booths

That’s a convenient answer, Doctor. [Source: Texts from Superheroes]

Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life! [Video]

An utterly ridiculous (and funny!) parody of Dragon Ball Z by Youtuber Ryan Higa. [nigahiga]

Automation Defined [Comic]

Yep, that looks fairly accurate. Fortunately that “ongoing development” stage eventually ends at one point, but it can take a while, especially when you automate tasks for others. Ask any good code geek faced with working for others, he’ll tell you! From XKCD: Automating comes from the roots “auto,” meaning “self,” and “mating,” meaning “screwing.” […]

Twerking Stormtroopers: Your Twerking Causes a Great Disturbance in the Force [Video]

Fortunately for the Rebel Alliance, if most Stormtroopers could shoot as well as these guys dance, they’d all be dead by now. [ScottDW]

Danger: Humans [Video]

A very important message from the Interstellar Safety Council. [Tom Scott | Via TA]