Live as a Human [Comic]

This cat might have tried living as a human for a while, but I’d love to try living as a household cat for just a few weeks. Doing nothing all day except going outside, sleep, eat, and get my tummy rubbed by my human a little each day. That would be really nice. [Source: Anything […]

Dorkly Comic: The Nerdy Costumes You’ll See This Halloween

In this comic from Dorkly, artist JHALL from @JHallComics takes a look at 6 types of costumes that you will assuredly see people wearing at Halloween this year. And yes, there’s sure to be quite a few Harley Quinn impersonator, along with a few Jokers and Batmans mixed in here and there. I don’t think […]

When Donald Trump Meets a Pumpkin, You Get a Trumpkin [Pic]

So I was at the Montreal Botanical Garden yesterday, and they currently have an exhibition featuring decorated pumpkins that were made by fans for a pumpkin competition. Most of the pumpkins were nice, but then I stumbled on this one: Yes, I know, not a very geeky picture, but darn, the resemblance is striking! The […]

The Pretty Town [Comic]

A pretty town, beneath an active volcano, on an unstable land mass, on a rock that spins in an endless, black void. Yeah, we’re pretty much doomed. At least there’s good ice cream. Good ice cream… and good food in general, is always a good thing to have when there’s impending doom hanging at the […]


Yeah, if we look at all those “Axe” commercials, deodorant sprays could lead you to procreate endlessly for the next thousand years, but fortunately, it doesn’t exactly work like that. Who would want a thousand babies anyways? They’re A LOT of work, at least for us, humans. Cockroaches probably just have them and then stop […]

SNL Touches on Some ‘Stranger Things’ Mysteries Like Only SNL Can

We would all be lying if we were to say Stranger Things hasn’t transcended TV and become something bigger. Everyone watched it and everyone loved it, and now that we have all finished it, seems between Jimmy Fallon and SNL, we will now start seeing the skits and bits inspired by this awesome show. This […]

Minor Inconveniences vs. How They Really Feel [Comic]

In this comic, Jacob Andrews of College Humor and “For Lack of a Better Comic” takes a look at various minor inconveniences we often face on a daily basis version how they really feel when you experience them. Yep, all true, especially the one about going to the bathroom in the middle of the night […]

Alone in the Universe [Comic]

Are we alone in the universe? Space is enormous, so will we find aliens first, or will they find us? By the time the light from their solar system reaches us, an entire civilization could’ve come and gone by! And what are they like? Just regular people like us, or all gross and slimy as […]