Cthulhu’s Witnesses [Comic]

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The Distinctive Face Mole [Comic]

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U.F.Oh Yeah: A Sci-fi/Comedy Short Film [Video]

A man meets a UFO for the first time and gets way more out of the encounter than he bargained for… [Ryan Connolly]

Hulk Gets a Job as an Office Clerk [Videos]

Yep, that confirms it, Hulk is the worst office employee ever. [SamMacaroni | EpicLLOYD]

‘Captain America’ Backpack Shield Is The Coolest

Listen, you will either be mocked openly or embraced with open arms for it depending on your age, but I still think every young person in school should have this badass Captain America shield backpack. Heck, even if people did start making fun of you, you could just take it off, toss it at them, […]

Scam Artists [Comic]

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The Long Game [Comic]

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‘Adventure Time’, Explained (Sort Of)

Adventure Time might just be the greatest cartoon to ever exist. From the way it pleases all members of its audience from young to old, to its downright surreal and trippy moments, it’s not a show you see once and forget. But what about people who have never seen the show or feel they need […]

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? [Comic]

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R2-D2 Unrestrained: When Artoo Becomes a Trigger Happy Freak [Video]

A group of Jawas get more than they bargained for when they attempt to kidnap a lone droid in the desert. There’s a reason they invented restraining bolts. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]

The Worst Video Game Controller Ever Made [Video]

Press “Stort” to Begin! Don’t you just hate those darn third party controllers? :) [CH]

The Anime-Rican President [Comic]

For those who haven’t heard, President Obama thanked Japan for anime (among other things) during an ambassadorial ceremony back in late April, so with this in mind, artist Sarah Yoshi from Berds and Nerds crated the following comic: [Source: Berds and Nerds]