Star Wars Episode 7 Predictions [Comic]

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Words Get Phonetically Defined [Comics]

John Atkinson of Wrong Hands has drawn these two comics taking a look at the “hidden” meaning of various words based on their phonetic definition. [Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands: Part I | Part II | Via LS]

Let The Fallout 4 Glitch-Fest Begin + Infinite Caps Exploit

Gotta love Bethesda. They make great games that make from even greater glitches. I know when I played Fallout 3, for about ten hours of that game my Dogmeat was three times the size he was supposed to be because of a glitch. Now, apparently, with next-gen hardware, he can float through stairs. God bless […]

This is Horrifying [Pic]

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Because Even Great Men, Kings, and Tyrants Have Needs… [Comic]

At 7 ft. 6½ in., Ganondorf is kind of tall! A comic by “Power to the King.” [Source: Power to the King]

Arrow and The Flash on Robot Chicken [Video]

The Nerd makes some guest appearances on various show on the CW. [Adult Swim]

WANT: Star Wars “Dark Side” Holiday Sweaters

Yes, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a sweater from the Dark Side! These Star Wars Holiday Sweaters are just what they sound like – a small tribute to the holiday’s Dark Side. If you’ve been a good little kid, Santa Trooper’ll bring you a small present. If you’ve been a bad little kid, Santa Trooper […]

The Incredible Power of Friendship [Comic]

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Nail Biting [Comic]

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Does Fallout 4’s Codsworth Know How to Say Your Name?

Apparently, Fallout 4’s robo-butler Codsworth knows how to say over 1,000 names, so here’s a video putting the robot to the test. Warning: Codsworth can say boobies. I’m serious. [Polygon]

The Alarm Clock That Slaps You in the Face to Wake You Up [Video]

Simone Giertz built an alarm clock that slaps her in the face with a rubber arm to wake her up in the morning. She took a regular alarm clock apart and wired it to an Arduino UNO board, which controlled a rubber arm attached to a 165 rpm brushless DC motor through a relay. Simone […]

Best Crossover Ever [Comic]

Yep, that would be one hell of a movie/cartoon. [Source: Avenoire]