Today is a Good Day to Learn Klingon. Qapla’! [Video]


Michael Dorn, Mr. Worf himself, introduces the latest in Rosetta Stone’s language learning programs – Klingon! Klingon may be a difficult language for humans to wrap their smooth heads around, but now Rosetta Stone has made it even easier to avoid the constant threat of saying the wrong thing and accidentally landing in a battle […]

April Fool’s Day Prank Round-up


It’s April 1 and once again tech firms are among those pulling April Fool’s Day pranks. It can be hard to figure out which stories are gags given the way unbelievable tech ideas turn out to be reality: a few years ago the idea of a 3D printer would surely have seemed laughable. That said, […]

Here Are a Bunch of Chemistry Jokes [Video]


Here are a bunch of chemistry jokes by our friends over at the Reactions Youtube Channel. Reminds me a little bit of our piece featuring 10 Chemical Compounds with Immature Jokes for Names. [Reactions]

Tom and Jerry’s Down Beat Bear Gets Re-Created Using CGI Anime Characters


I wasn’t expecting too much from this at first, but somehow, it was strangely entertaining. [dfj688 | Via LS]

Wolverine The Musical: A Parody of “Who Am I” from Les Miserables [Ft. Hugh Jackman]


Hugh Jackman performs Wolverine The Musical for The Matt Edmondson Show. You’ve never heard ‘Who Am I’ from Les Miserables sung like this before. [BBC Radio 1 | Via Neatorama]

Guy Cosplays Using Basic Household Items [Gallery]

cosplay guy `14

This guy is my new hero. [Source: Lowcostcosplay | via Reddit]

Danny Trejo’s BREADANIMALS [Video]


After seeing him (& Ray Liotta!) sing and dance in Muppets Most Wanted, I’d like to believe Señor Trejo actually does this in his spare time. [via Nerdist / YouTube]

Close Call: Freddy Wong Exposes The Real Dangers of Google Glass [Video]


Walking on busy streets with your Google glasses turned on? Bad idea. [RocketJump]

‘MST3K’ Crew is Coming Back to Television!


Mystery Science Theater 3000 was cancelled (for good) back in 1999. Since then, the guys created Riff Trax, which is basically an online version of MST3K. Now, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) are back for a 3-episode stint…on the National Geographic Channel. According to Blastr: Dubbed Total Riff Off, the […]

BaneCat is the Ultimate Evil [Video]


This is hilarious, plus the cat doesn’t seem to mind that mask too much. [Robs Rants | Via]

The Generic Brand Video That Kills Credibility in All Brand Videos


A generic brand video that pretty much looks like every brand videos you see out there, and unsurprisingly, it’s all made from stock footage. Using a specific ratio of asian people to black people to women to white men, we want to make sure we represent your needs and interests, or at least a version […]

Dorkly Comic: Getting a New Game is Like Hooking Up

Getting a new game can be just like hooking up. Don’t believe us? Just check out this amusing comic by Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly, you’ll see. [Source: Dorkly]