JUST DO IT: Deadpool vs Comic Con 2015 [Video]

He’s back, and he’s as funny as ever! [D Piddy]

Is It Really Broken? [Comic]

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How Olivia Munn Squeezes Into Her Psylocke Costume [Video]

Listen to Olivia Munn as she describes what is involved with getting in her Psylocke Costume for X-Men: Apocalypse. Just listen to the whole thing, it’s hilarious. [Team Coco]

Batman’s Spare Change [Comic]

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The Overly Complicated Coffee Order [Video]

Gotta hate people who do that. Sigh. [Rhett & Link]

The Real Fallout [Comic]

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The Original Iron Man Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment [Video]

From Screen Junkies: Relive Iron Man, the adventure that kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the film that…we kinda had to do since we’ve already done the sequels. [Screen Junkies]

How Jurassic World Should Have Ended [Video]

A quick look at how Jurassic World should have ended by the always awesome folks over at HISHE. [HISHE]

The Best ‘Mortal Kombat’ Meme You Will Ever See

You know how sometimes you see memes and can just tell the people making them had no idea what they were doing? Then, sometimes you see memes and realize they are perfect? Well, this is that second one. I would like to call it the “Seductive Scorpion” Mortal Kombat Meme, but I did not make […]

Albuquerque guy gets OWNED by Bryan Cranston (Walter White) [Video]

A random dude asks Bryan Cranston if he had fun while working in Albuquerque (where Breaking Bad was filmed) and what he preferred about the city. [goggo980]

This Fanmade Jurrasic World Trailer Will Make You Smile [Video]

A funny side-by-side remake of the Jurassic World trailer by Korean Youtuber Hozzah2. [Hozzah2 | Via GT]