‘Destiny’ Logic

Well, in the video game world, that sorts stuff happens all the time. Seems your only destiny here is to get frustrated. Wow, that was an awful joke. Sorry about that. (imgur)

Hadouken Coffee Wins the Day With A K.O

This is, without a doubt, the greatest art you will ever see swirled into a latte’. When you start your day with a Hadouken, you know your day is going to be badass. [Imgur]

How to Make Sure Door to Door Solicitors Never Come Back to You Home [Video]

Yes, this is an ad, but it’s an hilarious one. It might be all staged, but I don’t really care, the idea is still awesome. [Via Youtube]

A Fallout Timeout [Comic]

[Source: The Dream Block]

That Moment When Gaming Breaks the Fourth Wall and Hurts Your Feelings

WELL, I, UM, BET YOU DON’T HAVE AN N.P.C, A.I CONTROLLED FRIENDS OR WHATEVER! *Hits power and runs off crying at how deeply those words cut. God gaming, I love you. But sometimes you really hurt me. (Imgur)

Pixar’s SadLab: Why Pixar Movies Make You Cry

A behind-the-scenes look at Pixar’s SadLab: a laboratory dedicated to discovering new ways of making audiences cry as much as possible. [Above Average]

Google Engineers Invent New Body Part To Strap Gadgets Onto (Parody)

From The Onion: Citing the need to have more body parts to strap unnecessary gadgets onto, Google has introduced a new appendage protruding from your back called The Flange. [The Onion]

When You’re Feeling Down… [Comic]

[Source: Poorly Drawn Lines | Like “Poorly Drawn Lines” on Facebook]

Gaming Takes True Dedication…..

….And some gamers just have it in spades. (Imgur)

Frosted Han Solo In Carbonite Pop-Tart

While the Han Solo in Carbonite Pop Tart Art by Falcon Toys might look like a popular breakfast treat, you can be assured that it definitely dos not taste like one since its base material is resin. [Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo]

The Life of a Pizza Delivery Guy is a Dangerous One [Pic]

A pizza bill from “Toppers Pizza” in Fort Worth, TX, with some very specific delivery instructions for the pizza guy. [Source: Imgur | Via TN]