Human Hair [Comic]

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Awkward at Parties: The Horror Movie [Video]

When things are about to get awkward… A horror movie parody by the folks from College Humor. [CH]

Either [Comic]

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Robot Chicken: 3 Funny Karate Kid Moments [Video]

Love the last moment featuring Mr. Miyagi rubbing his hands. [Adult Swim UK]

You Can’t Go to Sleep [Comic]

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The Simpsons Get a Robot Chicken Couch Gag [Video]

Will Homer be able to retrieve the lost painting from the living room? Find out in this all-new Couch Gag! [Animation on FOX]

A Hilarious ‘Shape of You’ PARODY by The Key of Awesome [Video]

A hilarious parody of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ by the folks from The Key of Awesome. In case you want to see the original music video, I’ll also include it below: [The Key of Awesome]

The Anti-Vaxx Vaccine [Comic]

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