Wasssssupppppppp: 8 Years later

8 years ago, a funny Budweiser ad went viral, infecting the whole planet with the “Wassup” meme. Now, the same dudes who were part of the original commercial have been brought back together to shout “Wassup” once again. Yes, we know, as almost everything published online recently, there’s an underlying political message to the video. […]

Keep your cat away from your counters with the Blender Defender

When it comes to finding ways to keep animals out of spots where they have no business in being, people can get really imaginative. Earlier this year, we posted about a special bird-repulsing system that keeps the little animals from pooping into your pool’s pristine water. Now, the following one will be of particular interest […]

How to Postpone a Potentially Disastrous Exam

Try to imagine you’ve got an important test to pass tomorrow and you’re going to epically fail it. Whether it’s because you haven’t studied or because you are just plain academically inept, you know that doom is around the corner. What options do you then have? Don’t take the exam? Cheat? Cram? The following video […]