Mortal Kombat: Finish Him Revisited

Mortal Kombat’s “Finish Him” moves are among the most gruesome and gory scenes in the history of video games. I mean, have you ever seen Sub Zero rip the head (along with the spine) of his opponents? That’s pretty darn disgusting! Now if you think that gratuitous dismemberments is one of the worse thing you […]

I’m on MySpace! Get me out of here!

By Mark O’Neill Sometimes I accidently fall into the awful trap that is MySpace and I don’t know exactly how it happens. I’m clicking around looking for some porn educational websites and suddenly I find myself on somebody’s MySpace page with Mariah Carey’s music blaring out at me from my PC speakers. Too dazed and […]

Palpatine does his own YouTube show

By Mark O’Neill Between Chad Vader and now Emperor Palpatine, everyone is sure having fun squeezing as much satire as possible out of the Star Wars movies these days! This one is Ask Palpatine which is obviously someone’s hand covered in a piece of cloth.    So zero budget compared to the Chad Vader episodes but […]

Unbelievable Google suggestions

By Mark O’Neill One of the features I like the most in Google is the suggestions feature when you are typing in your keywords. But sometimes you come across some really crazy and outrageous suggestions. I mean, look at these ones…. 81,300 pages for that? Yes, many a long and cold night, I have tapped […]

The Autobahn to Hell

By Mark O’Neill Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humour? The online English edition of Spiegel Magazine has published a very funny quiz on the humorous place names to be found in Germany and other parts of Europe. Of course the people living in these places don’t see the joke as they […]