Robot Chicken: Star Wars – Full Feature

Here’s an hilarious 30-minute “Robot Chicken” homage to the “Star Wars” universe. Apparently, this short movie was produced with the help of George Lucas himself and includes the voices of Conan O’Brien, Seth MacFarlane and Hulk Hogan. Enjoy the show! Edit: Please be patient when hitting that play button. The video takes a while to […]

L33t Haxxors – Episode 4 (Video)

Razorwire and Overlord are two of the best hackers on earth. They can hack almost anything: computers, cell phones, jars of strawberry jam…if you can name it they can hack it. In this fourth episode, Overlord and Razorwire are chaught by the CIA as the Spam Kings prepare to unleash a lethal computer virus. All […]