11 Signs Your Presidential Candidate isn’t a Geek

The guys at BBSpot have released yet another one of their hilarious top 11 lists: Top 11 Signs Your Presidential Candidate Isn’t A Geek. These guys never cease to crack me up with their humor. Blames violence, prostitution, poverty, migraine headaches, rug burn, syphilis, and diaper rash on video games. Thinks Ubuntu is the new […]

Muppets Technology 101

Here’s an hilarious IBM training video titled “Coffee Break Machine” that was created by Jim Henson back in 1967. I’ll say just like my friend Tim who sent me the video: “Only the Muppets can make technology this much fun!” Enjoy the show!

An Actual Mouse…

Who the hell thought this would be a good idea? If you think using an actual dead rodent as your human interface device is something you could get into, check out this page which, with great detail, tells you how you can make your own…Mouse Mouse. I, however, think I’m going to stick to Logitech, […]

Wednesday Afternoon Fun: The Internet is for…

Here’s an incredibly funny WOW movie that explains what the Internet is really all about. Don’t worry, there is no nudity in the clip, but the audio track might not be safe for work. Enjoy the show!

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Getting Along (Video)

Ever wished you could hear Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talk dirty to each other? Then wish no more because it has already happened and someone actually caught it on tape! Enjoy the show!

L33t Haxxors – Episode 3 (Video)

Razorwire and Overlord are two of the best hackers in the world. They can hack almost anything: computers, microwaves, jars of peanut butter…if you can name it they can hack it. In this third episode, our Haxxor friends team up with a pair of sexy female hackers, Firefox and Phreak, to stop the notorious Spam […]

Saturday Evening Fun: Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Here’s a funny video from the now defunct TechTV show “The Screen Savers” in which Leo Laporte and Martin Sargent discuss an infamous satire article from Adequacy.org. You probably consider yourself at home a good parent. You encourage your children to participate in team sports. You attend your teenager’s party to ensure there’s no alcohol […]

404 Day (and they say you can’t make something out of nothing)

Happy 404 day! What, you didn’t know today was a holiday? Whether you write dates in mm/dd or dd/mm order, as long as you’re on the Gregorian calendar today’s date is 4/04 — and any savvy consumer of HTTP knows that 404 means “page not found”, a status code encountered far too often in the […]