Change channels with a flashlight and a floppy disk

Interesting way to annoy the heck out of your family & fellow pub patrons… using a flashlight, and yes…a floppy disk. :)

iPhree: Reclaim your Freedom!

The iPhree is an all new revolutionary third party add-on for the iPhone. It will allow you to use your iPhone while keeping your hands free, so you can continue doing your everyday tasks while enjoying the power of your new toy! Some optional accessories are also available for the iPhree. Here they are: Think […]

iPhone: The Musical

Yep, you read that right! Even if you’re sick and tired of hearing about the iPhone (who isn’t?), I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching this. I usually hate musicals, but this little show definitely got me laughing.

Transformers out today!

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] …but, poor Soundwave didn’t make the cut into the new film. Check out this documentary of one of our most beloved Decepticons (think VH1: “Where are they now?”). Note: the f-bombs are dropped a couple times, but the video is hilarious nonetheless!

Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle goes on rampage for an iPhone

Here’s a funny segment of yesterday’s episode of the Daily Show showing correspondent Rob Riggle as he goes on a mission to get himself an iPhone before the official release date.

Mac or PC? (Video)

Can you believe that this group of computer geeks actually invested some of their time and money to create a “Mac or PC” rap video? Check it out. After watching this, I’m not sure if I should be laughing or crying. :)

Monday Morning Fun: Monkey vs. The Robots

Do you know what happens when you bring a robot and a monkey together for the first time? Watch this and find out.

Detailed iPhone Specifications Released

The folks at The Onion have put their hands on a list detailing some of the iPhone’s latest technical specifications and features. I’m surprised that this list has not already been released in the past. Maybe Apple wanted to surprise us just before releasing the device, who know? At $600, I wasn’t planning on getting […]