Deleted Video Game Scenes

Sometimes the premise of a game is so absurd you have to have missed something. That, or designers were all, “Plot? Plausibility? I’m not even worried about that stuff. Hey, do we need more or less zombies?” Cracked asked readers to submit deleted scenes from video games that might help explain just exactly what’s going on. […]

Surprisingly Useful Photoshop Rap Tutorials [Videos]

CollegeHumor’s CMYKilla is back with a new (surprisingly useful) Photoshop tutorial rap. In case you missed it, here’s the original, which instructs in red-eye removal, drop shadow and unicorn magicking with near-Shakespearean prose (warning: some Strong language): And part two, which shows us how to ‘shop a wicked-sweet space cat (content warning: memes): [CollegeHumor via […]