Facebook in Real Life

Like most web users, you probably registered a Facebook account at one point or another. We all know how it goes: You create an account, start searching for some friends, and once you’ve got a few, you start getting flooded by people wanting you to install their crappy Facebook apps. I really, really hate that […]

Fake Steve Jobs: The only Apple Keynote you’ll ever need to see

Have you ever heard about Daniel Lyons? No? What if I tell you that the guy also goes under the name of “Fake Steve Jobs”? Yeah, I thought that this would ring some bells. Daniel Lyons took the world by storm last year when he started an anonymous blog, impersonating an alternative version of Steve […]

“Bum Bot” clears Atlanta streets of bums

When all hope is lost and you think you can’t get all those bums and crack dealers out of your neighborhood, just call in the bum bot. He’ll make sure they all flee away in total panic. Stephen Colbert has all the details:

So you want to be a profesionnal blogger, eh?

If you are planning to become a professional blogger, you might want to watch the following video before quitting your current job. Professional blogging is really overrated, as most bloggers are subjected to horrible work conditions and usually receive almost nothing for their work.

Best Work Safety Video EVAR

…and when we say “EVAR”, we really do mean “EVAR”. Oh and don’t be fooled by the boring intro, this must be the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in years! WARNING: Contains blood and gore! [Via Neatorama]

“We’ve got no internet!”

By Mark O’Neill If you want to crack me up, just show me an episode of South Park. The episode from a few days back, entitled “Over Logging” has to go down as one of the most classic episodes ever. Here’s a clip from the episode that I found on YouTube and a scene which […]

Apple unveils the “i”

In the following Apple College Humor video, Steve Jobs unveils the ultimate “i” product: The Apple i. Not only can the “i” make you orange juice, toast and scrambled eggs in the morning, it will also look pretty darn sexy in your iDen. Be the envy of your friends and family and get the Apple […]

Imagineering the Spam

Everyone gets spam that makes them scratch their head and wonder, “just what was this spammer thinking?”  Well a cartoonist wondered the same thing and has started a website where he lampoons the worst of the spam with hilarious and clever daily drawings. You can check out the rest at ASpamADay here.  Thanks to Neatorama […]