Did You Survive The War of the Worlds 2.0? #wotw2

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you were on Twitter yesterday, you might have noticed a flood of tweets with a mysterious “#wotw2” code in them.  Well that was a “hash tag” or “hash code” you were seeing there and those tweets were completely fictional. The fake tweets were all on account of War […]


Welsh roadsign carries email automated reply

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] A council in Wales wanted to put up a bilingual road sign saying “No entry for heavy goods vehicles” so they contacted their translation service to translate the text into Welsh. They emailed them the English text to be translated and then promptly got back an email with “Nid […]

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] I know this isn’t very geeky but when I found this on YouTube, I laughed so hard that I couldn’t resist posting it here.   Plus you’d better watch it quick before YouTube takes it down! Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election but he discovers […]

To Zombies From Google, re: Our Brains

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Good news! Google, in addition to servicing most of your Internet-related needs, is also fighting hard to save your brains. Today, their robots.txt begins with the lofty declaration: User-agent: zombies Disallow: /brains That’s right: zombies are disallowed from accessing /brains today. I for one feel much safer knowing that […]

Epic Fail: Animal (From the Muppets) Outsmarts German Police

No this is not a fake picture; it’s a real shot, taken by a radar camera, of Animal (From the Muppets), driving a British Audi, and driving the German police absolutely crazy. At first, I’m sure the policeman thought this was an amusing situation, but the culprit continues to appear on camera again, and again, […]

Beer-Pouring Robot Encourages Tipping

TMCO, a manufacturer of metal products from Lincoln, Nebraska, recently held an open house party where they used one of their factory robots to pour beer to guests. If you keep on watching till the end, you’ll even see that the robot encourages tipping! A hat tip to the guys at TMCO for finding such […]

Automated Assets: After the tone, please enter your express service code

Automated Assets, a short movie by James Dastoli and Robert Datoli, exposes the real faces behind automated phone support systems. From now on, when you call in for support at Dell and get asked for your “express service code”, you’ll now know with whom you’re having to deal with. Enjoy!

Would you like my dog to hump your computer?

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’re one of the mad few who has started Christmas shopping early this year, then here’s a gift suggestion for the computer crazy geek in the family – a hound on heat that loves to hump computers! Yes, so tacky even the Shopping Channel took a pass! For […]