Google Buzz Spoof

I don’t know what it is with Google products, but as soon as the company releases something new, it always takes less than 24 hours before people start releasing spoofs about said products on the web. The following one makes fun of Google Buzz, which we quite like by the way! Advertisements


World’s Greatest Snowman

He’s about ten feet tall and breathes fire. Nick and Anna Berte of Bel Air, Maryland built a giant snowman and rigged it with a flamethrower inside! And what did you do while you were stuck at home during the blizzard?

T-Shirt War: 222 T-Shirts, 2 Days, 1 Fire Extinguisher

Produced by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, a North Carolina-based comedy duo, T-Shirt Wars is a stop-motion video featuring our two friends and the epic battle between shirts of various colors and designs. Check it out: [Via Laughing Squid]

Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings: Fight!

Ever wonder who would win in a battle between a Jedi Knight and Frodo Baggins? Step into the Ultradome and see if a hobbit can overcome some Jedi mind tricks.

Google Ad Spoof: Is Tiger Woods Feeling Lucky Today?

As Tiger Woods recovers from a car accident and contends with reports of philandering, Slate V imagines what the golfing great might be typing into that familiar white search bar (with apologies to Google’s new ad campaign). [Via TechEblog]

The Dangers of a Live Webcast

I thought for a minute that were approaching infinite recursion. Now everyone will want to try a live webcast just so they can do this and try handling it better. [via b3ta]

Epic Super Mario Land Rap

Warning: Video contains strong language. I never realized this until now, but it looks like Mario is cheating on Princess Peach in this game… unless these two have an open relationship… who knows?

Sonic and Mario’s Awkward Reunion

It’s been quite some time since Sonic’s heydays in the 90’s when Sega unleashed him to rival Nintendo’s Mario. Since then, the Italian plumber has continued to prosper while the blue hedgehog’s star has petered out miserably. The two icons recently ran into each other in an exceedingly uncomfortable setting: Thanks Ziad!