Is Dell Abandoning a Direct Sales Model?

Since the start of the year, Dell has really been starting to experience problems with its direct sales model and has steadily been losing ground to HP, who now occupies the number one spot in the PC sales market. To win back its dominant position, the Texan manufacturer is looking at new ways to sell […]

Product Review: Samsung LN-T3242H 32″ LCD TV Set

For the past two years, I’ve been telling myself I should be getting one of those nice, flat (and expensive!) LCD television set, but it seems that the time was never exactly right… until now. Early last week, while browsing around the mall with my wife and our brand new daughter, I decided to stop […]

An Introduction to Multicore Systems

With mainstream CPUs going dual and quad-core, most of you who have a passion for processor technology will want to read up on how these new multicore systems work; and as a geek, you definitely should. So when I read this great piece from David Kanter this morning, I immediately thought of my readers. The […]

Iomega Announces High-End NAS

A short ping for sys admins looking for more storage options. Iomega makes no bones: They’re small-to-medium business only. No enterprise stuff. So when they say ‘high-end’, they’re not talking about some massive $50K JBOD with a couple of servers in front of it and taking up its own rack; they’re talking about the 450r. […]

Run Linux on HP Computers, Lose Warranty

Apparently, installing any distro of Linux on a new HP system could actually void your warranty. That’s exactly what happened to a lady named Laura Breeden when she called HP about an hardware issue on her new Compaq Presario laptop and mentioned that she was running Ubuntu to the support agent. When she called Compaq […]

Introducing the World’s First Million Dollar Laptop

If you’ve got too much money for your own good and want to waste a part of your fortune on something futile, you might want to consider acquirering the world’s first million dollar laptop. This baby will feature a 128GB SSD disk, a slot loading Blue-Ray drive and a detachable diamond that will act both […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 26th Edition

–Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve your Productivity 10 great Firfox extensions that can truly improve your productivity. –101 Shareware and Freeware Programs Every Nerd Needs How can a person limit juicy downloads to 101 freeware and shareware choices? Tough calls, but these tools are ones that every nerd needs, or at least should ponder. […]

Commodore Rises from its Ashes

Most of you probably remember the C=64, a legendary computer system that ruled the 80’s, and for some people, still brings a tear to their eyes when they hear about the name. If you were a die-hard C=64 or Amiga fan, I’m sure you already dreamt about Commodore coming back into business right? Well you […]