Samsung Q1 Ultra Portable PC: Sleek, Shiny and Sexy

Here’s a short video presenting the new Samsung Q1 Ultra portable PC. This nice little machine features a split QWERTY keyboard, a 7-inch  touchscreen LED Backlit display (1024X600), 60 GB of hard drive space, 1 GB of ram, a 1.3 MP digital camera and can run either Windows Vista or XP. On the wireless side […]

Intel’s ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-everything, the “Metro” mobile

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS]  If you work in IT in any company, hide this article from your executives. Seriously. Introducing the exciting Intel Metro Mobile concept… Designed by Ziba, the laptop boasts a mere 0.7″ height, 2.25 lbs, and a staggering 14 hours battery life! My opinion? Besides using the now ubiquitous word […]

Dell finally ships Linux PCs

It’s official: Dell-branded Ubuntu systems are going to be made available for order today in the U.S. by 5pm EST. The three systems on offer will be the XPS 410n, the Dimension E520n and the Inspiron E1505n. The XPS 410n desktop pricing will start at $849 and the dimension E520n and Inpiron e1505n will go […]

Cheap Geek: Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD Player

If you’ve been looking to get yourself an HD-DVD player, now is the time to act! has a special right now on the Toshiba HD-A2 for only $296.99 $250.00. And at that price, you even get free shipping! Toshiba HD-A2 Technical Details: HD DVD playback Up-Conversion for all Standard DVD Titles Multi Format Compatibility […]

Dell’s Ubuntu Offering — Technical Details

For those of you thinking about getting one of those new Dell Ubuntu systems, you’ll definitely want to head over to, Dell’s official community blog, and read all the latest details about what to expect from Dell’s forthcoming Linux machines. Before we announce the availability of Ubuntu 7.04 on select Dell client systems, I’d […]

Muppets Technology 101

Here’s an hilarious IBM training video titled “Coffee Break Machine” that was created by Jim Henson back in 1967. I’ll say just like my friend Tim who sent me the video: “Only the Muppets can make technology this much fun!” Enjoy the show!

Dell Embraces Ubuntu Linux

A few weeks ago, Dell announced that they would soon start shipping computers with an unknown distribution of Linux, and lo and behold, it seems that this is going to happen this month! According to Desktop Linux, these systems will come shipped with the latest version of Ubuntu. I’m not really surprised about this since […]

Is Dell Abandoning a Direct Sales Model?

Since the start of the year, Dell has really been starting to experience problems with its direct sales model and has steadily been losing ground to HP, who now occupies the number one spot in the PC sales market. To win back its dominant position, the Texan manufacturer is looking at new ways to sell […]