The Readius: Gadget / Reader with roll-up display coming soon

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] From the desk of Gene Roddenberry (remember those cool PDAs in ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ – or am I the only one that watched that show?) comes a product featuring a paper-thin display…and it’s coming sooner than you think. While the concept of flexible displays has been around for a […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 4th Edition

–Use Your Mac Mini as a Media Server Part 1 – Part 2 Apple has been pushing the use of the Macintosh as the heart of one’s media center for a long time now, but more specifically since the release of the Mac Mini. With its compact size, low price and FrontRow, it’s the perfect […]

Palm unveils Foleo UMPC

On Wednesday, during the D5 conference, Palm has presented an all-new ultra-portable computer thing, the Palm Foleo. The device, which the company qualifies as a companion to smartphones, weights around 2.5 pounds, features a 10 inch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard and support Bluetooth connectivity. It will initially be priced at $599, right before a […]

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Video Interview at D5

Here is a video presenting the highlights of the joint onstage appearance of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at the D5 Conference that took place yesterday near San Diego, California. For those of you who are interested in watching the full interview (Over an hour long), keep on reading.

Armarac at Interop Las Vegas

By Brian Boyko Contributor, [GAS] Call it the “iRack.” Actually, no, wait, that’s a horrible name. Call it Armarac, a 6u server rack in four square feet of space, launched recently at Interop Las Vegas. Who says enterprise hardware doesn’t look cool? Designed by Auckland, New Zealand company Thureon, the Armarac is an enclosable clamshell […]

Microsoft Unveils “Surface” (Video)

The folks at Popular Mechanics have just released an interesting video presenting Microsoft’s latest innovation: the “Milan” project. The software giant will announce at the D5 conference today that it’s built a new touchscreen computer—a coffee table that will change the world. Go inside its top-secret development with, then forget the keyboard and mouse: […]

Yoggie Introduces World’s First USB Security Appliance

Are you the kind of person who keeps on worrying about security each time you go on the Internet? Then this may be just what you need. A company named Yoggie Security Systems has recently released the world’s first portable hardware security appliance. The “Yoggie Pico” not only prevents villains from getting in your system with a […]

Drobo data storage robot: Too good to be true?

This morning, while browsing the web, I stumbled on this: Basically, the Drobo is a RAID-like, USB 2.0 drive enclosure that can contain up to four hot-swappable SATA hard drives. “Drobo manages storage, so you don’t have to… just connect Drobo to your Mac or PC. No software required. No RAID levels. No management or […]