Why you should never buy an external HD drive

By Brian Boyko, Contributor, [GAS] Edit: August 22, 2007: Seagate sent me a brand new 500g FreeAgent – the original model that went bad on me – in replacement.  I still miss my data, and I think that technical support wasn’t sufficiently technical nor supportive, but I’m glad to know that Seagate will fix it’s […]

Ars reviews four online backup solutions

With today’s increased speed and availability of broadband connections, online backup services could now be considered as viable alternatives to their local counterparts. Do you think these services are now compelling enough to ditch your local backup solution? The growing prevalence and rising speed of broadband, coupled with the aforementioned drop in storage costs, has […]

Intel Joins One Laptop Per Child Initiative

After a long-standing opposition against the OLPC foundation, Intel has finally decided that they would start supporting MIT’s “$100 laptop” project. But originally, Intel didn’t want to participate in the program mainly because chief CPU-rival AMD’s processors were chosen to run inside the OLPC systems. The reasons why they now want to start involving themselves […]

Winamp hardware?

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] I don’t know if this is a real product or not (looks to be possibly a mock-up or faked picture), but wouldn’t it just be awesome to own one of these? I would buy one in a second!

Cell phone nano projectors: the next big thing?

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] This is already becoming a reality in Japan and Korea. The projection technology can be used to show a photo slideshow, a presentation, or a captured video from the phone. The current incarnation of the micro projection tech will allow a 20″ display on a wall or other flat […]

Now that the iPhone is here, what do you think?

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Now that “the day” has come and gone, what do you have to say about the iPhone? Of course, amongst the build-up of the iPhone’s technical details and rumored features, there has been a lot of folks condemning some of the iPhone’s shortcomings: no removable battery no memory slot […]

Microsoft Introduces Multi-Touch Laptop

Following right on the heels of Microsoft’s Surface Table, the folks at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, have developed a prototype of a multi-touch laptop. Here’s a short video from Steve Hodges, Manager of Microsoft’s Sensors and Devices Group, presenting his new toy. Enjoy the show!

Is Your Computer Feeling a Little Bloated?

Is there anything more annoying then receiving a brand new computer and having to reinstall it from scratch, just because you want to make sure that it’s entirely free from craplets? These kinds of situations are unfortunately more and more common in the world of brand name computers. Here’s a video taking a look at […]