Mouse 2.0: Multi-Touch Meets The Mouse

The folks at Microsoft Research just released a short video demonstrating 5 novel multi-touch mice combining the standard capabilities of a regular computer mouse, but with some multi-touch features thrown in.

Bear-4 Sends HD Camera to the Edge of Space

This is the kind of thing I dreamed of doing as a kid. Okay, it’s the kind of thing I still think about doing now. I’m not sure how I missed this earlier, but thought it would be worth a post for those of you who might not have seen it yet. The flight was […]

Deal of the Day: Kingston 32 GB Flash Drive: $59.99 – Shipped

So, if you’re anything like me, you already have a flash drive, but unfortunately, it always seems to be full. Initially I had a 1GB drive, and then jumped to a 4. Now I’m using a 32GB one, which, as of now, still fulfills my needs. Not sure how long it will stay that way, […]

PS3 motion controller makes its public debut

Sony has unveiled some details about its forthcoming motion-based controller, including the first raft of compatible games. However, the firm is yet to announce a price or name for the device. The controller, which was demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show, requires the PlayStation Eye camera to work; the distance and angle between the camera […]

iPod Nano with radio integration: too little too late?

I will confess, I haven’t thought about the radio much in the last few years. The only station I listen to in my car is an all-Classical station that doesn’t play commercials. When I’m not listening to WCPE, I’ve got my iPod Shuffle out and, most importantly, I have complete control over what I listen […]

XBox 360 graphics chip helps cardiac researchers

The Xbox 360 is many things: games console, media streamer, DVD player (and, in some cases, an expensive paperweight with a shiny red ring.) But now it’s got a new role: predicting heart problems. Researchers in Britain are using the console’s graphics chip (pictured, courtesy of Flickr user avalonstar) to power parallel processing: splitting a […]

British museum aims to revive 1951 computer

It’s probably a safe bet that many GeeksAreSexy readers have brought an old computer back from the dead at some point. But a museum in Britain is trying to do it with a 58-year-old machine. If the plan comes off, the Harwell computer will become the oldest working electronic computer in the world. Staff at […]

Red ring of death: Almost one in four XBox 360’s fail

It’s fair to say the “red ring of death” is the most notorious hardware failure in the console industry of recent years. But a new study concludes that even if you throw out that specific problem, the Xbox 360 is still the most unreliable of today’s generation of consoles. According to SquareTrade (PDF), a whopping […]