Vizio is Back in the News

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] With profits declining, Vizio announced earlier this past year that it was determined to improve its “bargain basement” rep, and move more upscale, corporate-image-wise…so…they’ve trotted out a snazzy new logo that we rather like, but still have kept prices way low on their compelling new lineup, which we rather…love! […]

All Things JVC – Japanese Victor Corp. Aiming To Become a Major CE Player, Again

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] JVC has kept a relatively low consumer electronics profile in recent years—especially compared to its glory days—e.g. basically taking a “wait-and-see” attitude during the recent Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war, certainly failing to keep up with its competitors on most audio/video technologies. Their HDTV offerings have been less restrained […]

CES Preview: AMD Debuts New “Yukon” Platform and “Athlon Neo” Processor in New Hp dv2 Ultrathin Notebook: Watch Out, Intel Atom?

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] AMD has found the perfect target class for its new Yukon platform and Athlon 1.6GHz Neo processor—the svelte, new ultrathin hp dv2 notebook fits in with AMD’s plan to fill all the 12-inch to 14-inch skinnies it can with the new chips, even as Intel also moves its Atom […]

CES 2009: Preview of the World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show

By Will Sullivan Contributing Writer, [GAS] Well, it’s early January, again—and that must mean it’s time for: a) the annual misdating of checks and documents debacle; b) the early abandonment of too-ambitious (and already onerous) New Year’s Resolutions; c) the counterbalance to the latter for all techno-geeks worldwide: the cornucopia of emerging technologies, realized and […]