Vatican : “Aliens could exist”

By Mark O’Neill To all you UFO geeks out there, yes you read that headline right. The Vatican is officially acknowledging that aliens could actually exist out there in the galaxy and that their existence is not incompatible with God. Quick, alert Agent Mulder! Although, this is not Pope Benny saying this mind you. That […]

Government Releases Top Secret UFO Files

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] You can now check out once-closely guarded files on reported UFO sightings in London for the first time. The nation’s Ministry of Defense has just released the documents after keeping them top secret for decades. They contain data detailing strange lights in the sky and other unusual phenomenon observed […]

Make life easier by automating all your Twitter invites

By Mark O’Neill

There’s no need to tell you that I am Mr Twitter. You only need to look through the GAS archives to know that. But the one thing that irritated me about Twitter was going through each email that told me that someone was now following me and then going to that person’s Twitter profile, following them, going to the next email, following them… got a bit tedious after a while. I mean, I get enough email in my day without getting even more. There had to be a way to automate all of this…..right?

It turns out there is a way. There’s a website called TweetLater which is marketed as a site where you can schedule Twitter messages to be posted in the future. But you can also tell it to auto-accept people who are following you and follow them right back on your behalf. It will even send an automated thank you message to their Twitter account! So how do you set it up?