Free Subscription to Website Magazine

After the PC Magazine offer (which is now expired, sorry for those who missed it), we now have another fantastic promotion involving a free subscription to the Website Magazine. I’m not sure how long this one will last, so if you’re running a website, you better hurry and subscribe to it before it expires. Until […]

The new web campaign of the day

By Mark O’Neill I often find it amusing about some of the pointless website campaigns that people start up but this one that I found today is one that I whole-heartedly support. I have a lot of email buddies who send me lots of “forwards” – jokes, pictures, video clips, weblinks and much more. Which […]

Web games to help computers get smarter

By Mark O’Neill Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have introduced a website with games designed to make peoples computers get better at doing certain tasks. It’s one of those “for the common good” things, where you play the games and the researchers collect the results together and then use them to improve existing applications for […]

The Underwear of the Future?

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Boxers, briefs, or high-tech underwear that can monitor your health? No joke, gentlemen: Scientists have just filed a new patent for underpants that monitor your blood pressure. The special skivvies come equipped with waistband sensors that use conductive rubber to measure how fast your blood is pulsing through your […]

RSS feeds are a writer’s best friend

By Mark O’Neill

That question has to rank as the most asked question of all time when people meet me (it’s right up there with “how have you grown so fast since we last met?!”). So after months of procrastination, I have decided to finally write down (well, type) my methods of finding stories. It’s really not that difficult if you set it up right and you know the right places to look. Anyone who says they can’t find ideas to write about are not looking in the right places. As my former journalism professor used to tell us relentlessly “if you need a story idea, open your eyes. Ideas are all around you”

So let me show you where I get my ideas.