Rob Dunn – Joining The [GAS] Team

Following on the heels of Jonathan-C. Phillips, I have been asked if I would like to contribute to [GAS]! Feeling honored, I of course accepted…thank you, Kiltak! I will try to offer a hint of my somewhat humorous nature when I post about new technology & software. Of course, at the same time hopefully giving you […]

Pocket Change – Google Acquires Feedburner

By Jonathan C. Phillips Contributing Writer, [GAS] Everyone seems to be talking about Google and Feedburner lately, and for good reasons. Feedburner, an important player in the RSS (really simple syndication) management world was just acquired by Google. It was announced on Techcrunch just yesterday, and apparently, the rumors were true: $100 million US! A […]

Google Unifies Search Results

Google has just announced that starting next Wednesday, it will start combining all of its search services under a single, universal interface. What does this mean for you? Let’s say you search Google for the term “geek”. Previously, the search engine would have returned you results based on its search database alone, but from now […]