MB&F Amazing Steampunk Watch: Great for your wrist. Hard on your wallet.

There’s something about Steampunk-customized gadgets that really grabs a geek’s attention. Not only are these devices aesthetically pleasing, but they can send a modest man into bankruptcy. With that said, check out my latest discovery: The Horological Machine No. 2. If you are interested in acquiring MB&F‘s newest Steampunk-like creation, you’ll have to shell out a […]

Amazon S3 Exceeds 99.99% Uptime

By David Peralty Contributing Writer, [GAS] As more people look for better hosting and better data services, Amazon’s S3 is the one that everyone continues to buzz about. They recently reported that during October, they were able to maintain more than 99.99 percent uptime, something that most hosting companies would not be able to match. […]