[GAS] Explains: What is Metaprogramming?

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In recent years, the Greek root meta has perhaps become overused.  Originally, it was just a lowly preposition meaning “after”, “beyond”, or simply “with” – but especially since the writings of Douglas Hofstadter it has taken on the meaning of a higher level of abstraction, especially a self-referential […]

The Shweeb: Pure Pedal-Powered Fun!

The Shweeb is a pedal-powered capsule that runs suspended under a monorail track. Apart from going a lot faster than a regular bike (this thing goes up to 90kph/56mph!), devices like these could, in theory, be a good eco-friendly way to move around cities, provided that a rail infrastructure would be built to accomodate them. […]