Programming note

Kiltak sent me a message last night saying that the baby is on the way! Good luck to Kiltak, his wife and newborn child! That means I’m starting my guest blogging labors earlier than expected, too. Ok, breathe: hoo-hoo-hee. hoo-hoo-hee. I’ll have something posted here soon.

Leaping Shampoo and the Kaye Effect

Researchers at the University of Twente in The Netherlands won a prestigious place in the ‘Hall of Fame’ of videos about fluid-in-motion. They have made a video of leaping shampoo, in which they explain the so-called Kaye effect. Scientifically interesting but also of great aesthetic beauty! The Kaye Effect is a strange property of complex […]

Free High-speed Sewer-net

It appears that previous rumors of Google deploying free WiFi were a bit premature. Rather than using the airwaves as their vehicle for free high-speed Internet for all, the search behemoth is heading to the sewers. They introduced in a press release today a new high-speed internet technology named Google TiSP (BETA). The Toilet Internet […]