Parallel Universes: Reality of Fiction?

Scientists have been questioning themselves about the existence of parallel universes for years now, and it seems that a lot of them are starting to believe in the concept. If the stories are true, these other universes would contain space, time and also other strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain […]

Microsoft Silverlight: Light Up the Web

Microsoft has just released Beta 1.0 of Silverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. You could say that Silverlight is Microsoft’s attempt to produce a flash killer. For now, the plugin is only compatible with Windows and OSX, but a […]

[GAS] – Back at Work

Just a quick note this morning to tell you guys that my parental leave is now over. I’m back at work! Thanks to Chip, Oliver and Ed for filling in while I was away. For those of you who are wondering if my daughter looks anything like me, here’s are a few pictures of us […]

Schools Banning iPods?

There were all sorts of ways to cheat back in school and I’m sure we’ve all tried them all at some point or another. It’s human nature to take the shortcut after all, and cheating has evolved a lot since I was in high school. I mean, once we figured out that writing the answers […]